28 weeks

Unfortunately I have posted I think the only picture that I took last week already, so I'll try to take a lot of pics this week for those that live far away and need to see Cooper. Cooper continues to get closer and closer to crawling, he'll be taking off before we know it. We discovered last night that we will be lowering his crib mattress tonight. He was so tired last night when we put him down to sleep. Well about an hour later he starts crying, and it keep getting louder and wasn't being muffled by anything. So I go in the hall to check on him; if I wouldn't have been so scared that he was going to flip out of his crib I would've grabed my camera and took a picture of my poor baby standing up, screaming in his crib. I'm afraid crawling is out and standing for Cooper is in. I know, I hear it all the time, make sure he crawls before he walks....but seriously, is it possible to control this? Needless to say I ran over and picked him up to rock him back to sleep. Only for the same thing to happen an hour later, I'm a horrible parent and he slept with us for the rest of the night. I'll fee better about him crying it out when his crib is lowered, something I was much to lazy do to last night.
FYI WII FIT UPDATE: So far I have done the WII fit enough to unlock a few exercies. The exercises aren't that hard yet, and I enjoy the Yoga posses because it stretches you out. However if you buy this beware, it will insult you. I just love how the little MII plumps up when it does your weight, maybe that is motivation? That's all I'll say about the insulting. I do like how its going to keep track of my progress, but I wish it would allow you to imput exercies that you do on your own, for instance the 4.5 miles I'll run after work. I'll keep those updated that are interested, so far it rates a C, mostly because I'm upset at the insults.


gingela5 said...

Yikes---my Mii is plump enough without it plumping up anymore. Tell Coop to stop growing up. Please! I was actually thinking about him last night and how I can't wait to hear him talk!

Collin and Mariah said...

I hope that your race will go really well. That is something I wouldn't be able to encourage myself to do so good for you!! Cooper is getting so big!

Anna said...

Good idea, about the crib, I mean. At least he is giving you a head's up (literally). BTW- Happy Belated Birthday!

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