The Rain needs to Stop

Today I am supposed to run 7 miles, well after "working out" last night at a bachelorette party, yes we went to an aerobics class from 10-12 and I was the oldest one there by about 3 years...I'm pretty sore. Jeremy is paint balling today and then has dinner plans with the groom of the same wedding, so after we all went to the grocery store, Cooper and I took a nap. I'm teaching the 3 year olds so after our nap we went to church to set up the class for the morning. We were all ready to go on our run, and as we started the rain started. Now I realize when the half marathon comes a long and if it is raining, we will run anyway, just probably not a good idea to run in the rain with a 6 1/2 month old...I need one of those plastic covers. However, I shall not go without working out, Jeremy got me this for my birthday:

No this is not a "hint" from him, but I wanted this, then I didn't want it because I thought it was too much, for the game, and we didn't have a WII. Well, my grandparents gave me money to get a WII, and let me say, we're not really game people, but I'm pretty sure this is about to take over. If you haven't ever played a WII come over and give it a try. Or rather don't, cause I promise, it'll make you want one. The only reason I am not opposed to this game system is you have to move to play anything, try bowling or playing tennis, while holding your baby, now that's a workout! Well today I'm trying out the WII fit, probably best while Cooper takes a nap, I'll report back how effective it is.


Elizabeth Mullins said...

I have yet to play a Wii. My aunt and uncle have one, but the guys end up playing and we have the kids. Go figure. You will have to let me know how you like Wii fit. Seveal people have asked me about it and I dont' have anything to tell them.

gingela5 said...

You'll LOVE the Wii...I highly HIGHLY recommend Mario Kart. It's the best game every. Let me know how Wii Fit is!

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