27 weeks

Well this isn't last night, but today will have to do for pics. Cooper finally got better from his sickness and attended his first official class at church out of the nursery. He enjoyed playing with our college girls that came over for dinner on Sunday night. I should've taken a picture of them all together. Stephen Robertson came into town so we got to see him yesterday. That about wraps up our week, nothing to exciting happening around here. Oh we did go to the Yukon/Mustang football game, Cooper was not a fan of all the noise, we've never seen him cry when it got loud until Friday at the football game. He used to sleep through basketball games so this season may not be good, we'll find out in a couple of months!


Ryan and Katie said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!

gingela5 said...

It is your b-day right?!!!! Happy birthday! And Cooper totally misses me Sunday mornings.

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