Homemade Brownies

Do yourself a favor and make these brownies. You may never buy a boxed mix again. I added chocolate chips!


I'm too lazy to type it all! These are so good!

36 weeks

3 more weeks and she will be here!!

And cause he's so cute, you should see him too!

All About Eyes

I can never think of anything good to enter in Mandy's photo contest, but this week I knew exactly which one:

I took this when Cooper was 6 months old, the eyes are my favorite part of the picture. They sparkle, like his great grandad Papa Staffs!

Enter your photo here!

The plan....

So today I started my weekly visits back to OKC! I'm measuring right at 36 weeks, and last week I only gained 1 pound! So I asked what I should do if my water broke....doctor's orders is to come on to OKC....so guess I should stock my car with some extra towels. Who am I kidding---my water won't break and I'll successfully make it to May 14th....where the 13th we will come to OKC and if the weather is nice we will maybe take Cooper to the zoo for his last run at being an only child....who spilled milk all over my mattress and now I have to wait for it to dry before I can hit the hay. A nice bubble bath is calling my name! It's been a long day....

35 weeks

So here we are at 35 weeks! Maddie's room is almost ready and Cooper now has a big boy room! The plan was to potty train before Maddie came, but due to my fear of regression, we will wait on that. This week starts my every week appointments. So the goal at the appointment Thursday will be: so if my water breaks, do I go to the nearest hospital or book it to OKC? Oh and I should probably start getting the rest of us packed, Maddie stuff is all ready to go!


It's been so nice the past couple of days, so I thought I might could use a little exercise. There tends to be a ton of stray dogs around, which makes walking a little questionable. So, now my husband knows I do not sit and watch TV all day:

This side of the yard took me 30 minutes yesterday.

This side took me an hour today. But Cooper and I may have taken a 30 minute break for lunch.

So if I can mow the front yard, decently, it isn't perfect, at almost 35 weeks pregnant, we do not need a riding lawn mower!


So I've had 3 nights and 4 days of quietness. Coop has been at Grandma's since Friday. Here is what I did this weekend:
-went on a marriage retreat with the hubs
-had some great sleep
-shopped at Target
-shopped at the mall
-made good progress on Maddie's room
-went to dinner
-enjoyed a movie, in a theatre!
-mowed (some of our front yard)
-worked without listening to Thomas, Little Einsteins, or Jungle Book

It's been the first week of July since I've had this much free alone time. But I'm so excited for the hubs to be bringing my little boy back. The quiet needs to end!
Oh, I also found a pretty good replacement for Starbucks in McAlester, so exciting!

Best 12.99 ever spent

I feel like I can eat again....So far this is working!

33 weeks....

33 weeks.....and the counter to the side isn't exactly right, since I'll for sure deliver at
39 weeks on the dot, but believe me, I hope and pray I got into labor early, it's going to be a long 6 (5 1/2 now) weeks! Don't you love my fashionable wrist bands....yeah they don't help anymore. :-(

2 year old knows best

Happy Easter

Not going to lie, it was not an easy decision to stay in good old Small Town USA over Easter, but since we'll be in Edmond a lot coming up in the next few weeks we felt we could use a weekend at home. So, since this was our very first Holiday together, as a small family of 3, I tried to make it extra special. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, that turned out amazing and I cooked my first ham. I know, with as much cooking as I do, I have never cooked a ham. We bought a half of one and I cooked it while we were at church. Everything turned out great! We had a little Easter Egg Hunt for Cooper. Not that he really would've missed it, more so we can have pictures of it when he grows up. So here are a few pics from his Easter Egg Hunt!

We told him the direction of the purple egg, here is the progression of him looking for it.

The days are gone where I could get him to take a decent picture....this one is as good as it gets!

Hope everyone had a good Easter!


Cooper (and his parents) just got a bag full of presents from Edmond for Easter!

He kept saying wow!

Yes, I know he is still in his pj top and just a diaper. Don't judge. Thanks Grandma and Mama Jo!


Something tells me it won't be hard to tell these two are related.....

Cooper's Ultrasound was done on Dec. 19th, he was born Feb. 25th, so I had a little over 2 months to go. Maddie's was done March 25th, and she'll be here by May 14th, so a little further along with her. She looks a little chubbier then Cooper, but we'll take it, we're just praying she weighs over 6 lbs!

Curious how Cooper is adjusting to having a sister in a few weeks? Well, don't ask him where Maddie is, or you'll see him pull up my shirt and show you. (That isn't a pretty sight.) But he sure does love to pat her and kiss her. So far so good, we'll see what happens when she's really here. He shares his toys too, I find all sorts of missing letters, balls, you name it in her crib.

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