my baby is 1...

Well I remember 1 year ago so vividly....waiting to get a phone call to kick Cooper my house....deciding I should shave my legs if I'm going to have a baby....eating City Bites for Lunch...picking up a few things at Target....finally getting the call, going to the hospital at 3:30, and at 5:45 we got the love of our lives....and now we make him do this:

Crazy parents! Today my mom is celebrating with him by taking him to the Zoo since its supposed to be 72 degrees, crazy weather. Saturday we'll update with the party...cake pictures to come, and just wait, they're going to be good!

Valentine's Day

Four years ago on Valentine's Day Jeremy asked me to marry I have this little "heart breaker"

Cuppies and Joe

Friday night a friend and I decided we would take out boys out since both of our husbands were at basketball games. You can only take so many Friday nights sitting at home by yourself. So I suggested we go down to Cuppies and Joe on 23rd street. I'd saw this place while eating lunch with my brother a few weeks ago and another one of my loves on 23rd street, Cheevers. So we took our little boys to get cupcakes. I will say it wasn't the best cupcake I'd ever had, but for $2 and little adult time it was well worth it. My Mocha was good, it didn't make me wish I was at Starbucks! However, I will say, if you go with small children on a Friday'll be the only ones there with small kids, we were pretty much the only ones there that weren't on a date. Although, I'd argue a date with my almost 1 year old is time well spent. Cooper obviously loved his cupcake, my cupcake, and part of his new friend's cupcake. That first birthday cake is definitely going down.

"Don't take my picture, I'm eating!"

mystery solved...

I'm not ashamed to admit it, just a little embarrased, and I'll blame all of my tv addictions to childish, non-substance shows on my husband being at the gym so much and someone has to stay at home with the baby. But I started watching "Greek" on ABC family when it started showing. It's a show about rushing in college, and its very light hearted and sometimes can be funny. Although I wouldn't recommend this show, it's not that it is bad, it is on ABC family, its just that I'm sure I could be doing something better with my time. Anyways, so as I was watching this show everytime they showed this guy that is in a Frat I thought to myself, "that looks exactly like Daniel Weaver, I went to high school with him." I've always wondered if that was him, and thanks to Facebook (which I am completely addicted to as well) I confirmed that in deed the first guy in the pic below on the left, is Daniel Weaver.

I find it so funny that he's on TV...just cause in high school he was such a politican, I always thought he'd end up president. If you need confirmation about this, just ask anyone I went to high school with, I'm sure they would agree. But anyways, congrats to him, it's fun to stay you actually know someone on TV, and better yet, they even remember you!

Life on the edge

So these pictures about sum up the fact that I have a 110% boy on my bad they don't come with his sound effects....constant noise making, no words, just sounds. The pictures I didn't get were: him trying to climb up the fireplace, climb into the bathtub...and as soon as I put my tennis shoes on to go on a nice run, by myself, he got real excited and tried to crawl into his stroller. (Yes he went with me...) There haven't been any steps yet, but they're coming soon I'm afraid. I can't believe Cooper will be 1 in two how time flies.

a thought...

I started this post thinking, maybe I should post a picture of Cooper not eating, cause he doesn't eat all the the time I forgot about this picture:

but we took the bottle away, and I got this one:

I'll give him a break, it was 10:00 p.m. and we had to wait on Drew to come out of the locker room to take their picture together. You can't read Cooper's shirt all that well, but it says: "DREWS smallest FAN" and on the back it says: Hall, 5, then at the bottom in red it says "Go Yukon". So as you can tell Yukon played Santa Fe last night, at Santa Fe, and it was great to see our old Friends. I'm excited because Santa Fe's coaches wife and I are going to get our boys together to play. Being there really made me miss last year and how much fun we had all together. So my prayer now is that God will bless us with a place where coaching is that much fun. Not saying anything bad about Yukon because it isn't like I've made an effort to get to know anyone there, its hard when you have a little one and its 40 minutes away. Yukon did play very well, they only lost by 2, so that made for a really exciting game! And we also found out for sure last night Cooper is getting another boy cousin! Yeah for more boys, not that he doesn't like girls, cause I'm sure someday he'll be glad to have all these pretty girls to choose from!


I know there may be some moms out there that completely dissapprove of this, if you're child is under a year or some even if you're child is over a year...but seriously, whatever makes them happy right!

(Plus how cute is that face?)

In other news, if you got an Edmond Outlook today, notice the picture of the kids with the quilts, and lady with the statue....yeah I took those, my first photographs published in a non-school publication. That's really exciting for me!

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