mystery solved...

I'm not ashamed to admit it, just a little embarrased, and I'll blame all of my tv addictions to childish, non-substance shows on my husband being at the gym so much and someone has to stay at home with the baby. But I started watching "Greek" on ABC family when it started showing. It's a show about rushing in college, and its very light hearted and sometimes can be funny. Although I wouldn't recommend this show, it's not that it is bad, it is on ABC family, its just that I'm sure I could be doing something better with my time. Anyways, so as I was watching this show everytime they showed this guy that is in a Frat I thought to myself, "that looks exactly like Daniel Weaver, I went to high school with him." I've always wondered if that was him, and thanks to Facebook (which I am completely addicted to as well) I confirmed that in deed the first guy in the pic below on the left, is Daniel Weaver.

I find it so funny that he's on TV...just cause in high school he was such a politican, I always thought he'd end up president. If you need confirmation about this, just ask anyone I went to high school with, I'm sure they would agree. But anyways, congrats to him, it's fun to stay you actually know someone on TV, and better yet, they even remember you!

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