It's not pretty...

a photo of myself running. I don't claim to be a good runner, or a fast runner, maybe shouldn't even claim to be a runner, and I could write about a lot of interesting things that I saw during this race, but I'm sure many people could write things about me, so I won't. I was seriously lacking motivation to train for this race, to run it, and I can't tell you how glad I was when I got to turn around and didn't have to keep Jeremy did. So thank you to my BFF Jenny and my mom for putting up with Cooper while you waited for us to come in, and thanks for the pictures, even though we may not look pretty. As for my time...better luck next time! Maybe I won't have a baby by c-section and run 2 half marathons in 14 months, what was I thinking?!? But I have now successfully completed my 3rd half marathon, and Jeremy now has completed his once in a life time marathon....I on the other hand do plan to tackle one more full...I know, yes, I am crazy!

from my first prom to theirs....

Last week I happily agreed to come to the Hall's and take some prom pics of Drew and Ashley. I've known the Halls forever, but we became close to them with DeWayne bet me I wouldn't finish the marathon 2 years ago....well I did and he and Beth took us to a lovely dinner at Red Rock out on Lake Hefner. We tried to get the same bet with Jeremy since he ran this year, but he wouldn't take us up on it! Cooper loves Drew, and he loves DeWayne and Beth, so I really think me taking pictures was all a plan for them to see Cooper. It's funny, and you might think I'm crazy, but I think that Cooper loves the Halls because I sat with them 2 years ago at every basketball game, I mean literally 5-6 nights a week while I was pregnant. Jeremy ended up being Drew's coach, then we got to know Ashley when she and Drew started dating. They are such a beautiful couple, and a much more age appropriate for prom...

dead in his tracts

that's right, Baby Einstein still will stop Cooper dead in his tracts, as soon as he hears Disney's chime, he's mesmorized....

zoo trip

This is not Cooper's first time to the Zoo, but my first time to take him to the zoo. He has been with my mom several times, and for Easter we got a family zoo pass. Since it's so nice this week I thought I'd take him today! Well, myself along with every 4-5th grade class in the state for the science expo. Needless to say it was packed, but we had to go today, I needed time to recover to run on Sunday. (Recover, who am I kidding, like it's going to help my time?) I did get some pics of him, he was very intent on walking around by himself, and if it hadn't been so hot or crowded; I would've let him walk around more. He really loves all of the animals and gets so excited to see them. It was fun to watch him! I personally can't wait until the Children's Zoo opens, which is in like a year, but I bet Cooper is going to love it!


hair cut! We decided to even out Cooper's hair, and I was finally brave enough to just get it done. So we strapped Cooper in his high chair, and Jeremy went at his hair with the clippers. Like any good mom, instead of trying to help I took pictures, a lot of them, but he was so cute....see for yourself!


If you didn't follow my facebook updates this is how prom went:

-the people working the front wanted us to show our tickets and draw a marble for breathalizer test...I guess they were parents, because they though we were students...yes people I'm a couple of years away from at least 10 years older then these students

-there were lots of kids there....and some of them danced not so nice

-sometime it became cool for guys to wear garters on their arms

-some people wore cowboy hats, if I went to my actually prom, you wouldn't be caught dead in one! ( I heart EHS)

-my feet starting killing me 1 hour into it (Thanks mom for your super hot red high heels)

-they had some really good food (2 chocolate fountains and chips and salsa)

-I felt like the people working the buffet were looking at me funny when I was picking up everyone else's trash (our job the last hour) Maybe they thought I was a student?

-there was this couple who were amazing, their dancing was so fun to watch, not horrible or ugly dancing, but beautiful two stepping and this rountine that they were totally NSYNC on! (he wore a cowboy hat, and a camo tux vest)I felt like I was watching Dancing with the stars!

-I actaully knew the kid that won Prom King, the only kid I know at Yukon (congrats Jed! He's going to OC next year)

-The principal told me before we got there he did a walk through the dance floor because the kids were "grinding" his exact words: "they didn't care."

-I met a fellow co-worker of Jeremy's that follows my cooking blog, she loves it

-The last couple of dances the other VP's danced in the was nice...some old some newer hip hop songs

-and finally....I had my one and only prom dance to Angel of Mine (it's okay dad, I'm married now, totally allowed and don't worry there was plenty of space between us to show a good example)

The best part of the night might have been that our babysitter didn't let us pay her, 4 of her friends came over and they worked on a project, she said it was better then doing in in the dorms so we didn't owe her anything....I know you want her number! (Funny I don't have her number, I always arrange babysitters via facebook, oh and to clarify I told her she could have people over, so she didn't break any rulse!)

Well that wraps up my first prom and now that I've been to 1, I have 17 years to think about Cooper being able to go...honey, it's not looking good for you!


6:30 a.m.- wake up, start coffee
6:45 a.m- Cooper wakes up
7:00 a.m.- bananas and cereal bars for breakfast
7:50 a.m.- run 5 miles pushing Cooper in the stroller (it was supposed to be 10)
9:00 a.m.- finish blogging for
9:20 a.m.- start this blog
10:00 a.m.- Cooper down for nap/me shower
11:00 a.m.- make lunch so I don't get behind on my cooking blog
12:15 p.m.- load equipment
12:30 p.m.- drive to Shawnee
1:30-6:00 p.m.- photograph a wedding in Shawnee
7:00 p.m.- throw something together for dinner
7:30 p.m.- give Cooper a bath and put to bed
9:00 p.m.- get dressed
9:30 p.m.- babysitter comes
9:45 p.m.- drive to UCO
10:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.- Attend my FIRST PROM!!
12:15 a.m.- crash and burn....

I am so excited to chaperone YUKON'S PROM tonight, I could really care less about anything else on this schedule, or how crazy hectic it is...I did not get to go to prom in high school, but seriously, isn't going with your husband so much better?

Usually he smiles so pretty

"Seriously mom....I'm done with this!"

I guess every model has their moments!

Starbucks, you've got competition

You should visit this place today....and go often so they will stay in business! After a morning full of pictures, running, and playing in the park I thought I'd take Cooper to ORANGE TREE, which is in Spring Creek between LOUIE'S and SPICY PICKLE (2 of my favorites!) Well you can officially add a 3rd favorite in that plaza, place to eat, that is! You get this huge cup, then serve your own FAT-FREE frozen yogurt (except Peanut Butter and Chocolate have a little fat in them)then you get to top it with whatever toppings you like. Sound expensive? Well you pay $0.36 per ounce, so you control how much you get, all together we paid a little over $3 for 8 ounces of chocolate and coffee yogurt topped with oreos! The best part of it is I don't think that I ruined my running from eating it since its mostly fat free! Go check it out today! (For the record, STARBUCKS is still #1 in my book, I will still go there, probably more then I'll go to Orange Tree, but Summer is just around the corner!)

Don't you think this should be their advertisement?

and this is how I found Cooper yesterday with my mom...

Tea Party Pic

A friend from work sent me this from her friend in Ohio....

I'll let you have your own opinions...

Easter Sunday

Oh Wait...that was last year....this year.....

Cooper's Easter Basket from Mama Jo
How crazy is it how much 1 little kid can grow in a year, my how he's grown up!

What's so funny?

Dad shooting baskets....this has nothing to do with Easter, other then it happened on Easter. Jeremy was shooting baskets on Cooper's little goal, Cooper was dying laughing, I wish I would've video taped it, it was so funny. We thought he was seriously going to start crying.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Preview

Here is a little sneak peak of pics to come, as in I'm way to tired to sort through the massive amounts of pictures I took at our son's first Easter Egg hunt, I believe from car back to car we spent 15 minutes there....I'm sure I took more photos of my child then anyone else there....but let's face it, how can you not photograph this face?

I was worried...

that this would happen while we were gone for the weekend, he was getting so close and on Monday, he finally let go! It's the cutest thing I've ever seen, and he is so proud of himself. He's still not doing this 100% of the time, but I'd say about 95%, I'm sure by this time next week, he'll be running with the best of them....

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