While in NYC...

this is what Cooper was up too! We'll have about a thousand more pics of these 4 together after next week. We're all making our annual trip to SPI, we're just praying there are no hurricanes this year! Obviously we need to work some more on sharing our toys...I guess that's what happens when you're an only child.He did not like that his cousins were in the wagon, or maybe he was just mad that his mom and dad weren't there! Still, thank you Jeni for taking these pics of our kids!

cake pop

Josh Bailey made the cutest monkey cake pops for Amy's shower on Sunday, I brought one home to Cooper. At first he wasn't sure what to think about it, but it didn't take him long to tear into it...

hmm....what is this?

taste okay....

oh really good! I think I'll stuff the whole thing in my mouth!

Located in Memphis...

We did not know about this little neighborhood or district until Harold and Sally Shank informed us about it, they went through there just to take pictures of it for us. The streets Cooper and Young intersect, it is a very artsy district. Apparently there is a Cooper Young Festival, some day we'll go and get shirts!

zoo take 2

Since it was nice this morning, I decided to tear Cooper away from Little Einsteins and take him to the zoo. We have a pass and since hopefully sooner rather then later we'll be living 2 hours away you can never visit the zoo too much when you don't have to pay for it! He went yesterday with my mom, and this trip lasted all of 1 hour before he decided he needed to take a nap, but here are some sweet pics of him excited to see the animals.

and making his mom proud after the zoo by flipping through a Rachael Ray Cookbook!


Growing up with a German Mom she taught me to love nutella from a young age! When I went to Vienna in 2001, wow, that was a while ago, I fell in love with Pretzels dipped in Nutella, and Bananas dipped in Nutella! The other day I saw this, which inspired these:

So here is how you make them:
Cut a banana in 3 pieces, place lollipop stick in them and freeze for 4 hours, then melt nutella for 30 seconds and dip the frozen bananas in the nutella, and roll in crushed pretzels. Put back in the freezer for 30 minutes, let thaw and eat.

We'll just say I'd rather eat these then the Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream that is in my freezer that has not been opened yet! That's how good these are!


As you can imagine we've been busy over here....our sign is officially out in our yard, so if you know of anyone that needs a nice house in Northwood, tell them about us or tell us about them and in my grandmother's fashion I'll hunt them down and force them to buy it! (I'm totally kidding about the forcing part, but it would be great if our house would sell in 2 weeks)

Here is a another picture of Jeremy and I from New York, we were waiting for the train at Newark Airport to go to the big city, I love this picture!

Then yesterday we went up to see Dad at camp. Cooper has rencently started favoring his father, so he was dying to see him, which led to Jeremy having an assistant coach! I think that this is Jeremy's last week to coach, he'll still be at camp, but will have other responisibilities instead of being a team coach, which is a good thing!

I tried to take another picture of them, since they matched. We got Cooper some official mavs shorts at the NBA store in NYC, but Cooper didn't want to smile. I don't know what his deal is lately! Maybe it was the fact that we got stuck at the gym longer then expected because of the little storm that passed through yesterday.

thousands of reasons....

I will greatly miss memorial road.

(Yes I was on stage to take these, I didn't have the best lens for this, and Andy said it was okay for me to go on the stage. The Elders can't kick me out for it either, unfortunately I'm leaving...but I'm sure I'll be back.)


Can you guess what that number has to do with anything??? Take a moment and think about it.

Okay, time is up, I don't have a ton of time to wait for you, sorry. 42.8 is the possible number of miles to the nearest

unverified is what the map application on my IPhone says about a Starbucks in McAlester. Hopefully I can verify that to be true soon. So, if you haven't heard we are movin' to the country. When? As soon as out house sells, that is technically I guess on the market, but not quite ready for showings. (In other words, if you've got some spare time and want to help to some touch up paint, I welcome you with open arms!)

Crazy enough, this is the answer to our prayer since March. Jeremy has been ready for a head coaching job, and when Yukon turned in to coaching Jr. High and a high school position not being open for coaching next year, we decided it was time to look elsewhere. I'm not going to lie, this wasn't an easy decision for me to accept. You could say I've cried a lot, and I'm not ashamed. Edmond may not be my favorite place in the whole world, but it's where my favorite people are. I have been able to live other places, but I couldn't tell you how excited I was to come home, and I will still always call this my home and I will always be excited to come home. Mostly, it's so sad to me because I have to take Cooper away from Memorial Road, but maybe in some ways it'll be okay, because I will be staying home with him, which is another huge answer to prayers, and whatever church we decided to go to better watch out, they might kick us out, because I have every intention of making their children's program identical to the one I know and love so much!

In the end Jeremy and I are both getting answers to our prayers, and I'm sure after we sell our house hopefully by the end of the month and find a decent house to rent down there I'll be able to see that more clearly. Also, in the end, as much as I dearly love my parents, it will probably be the best thing Jeremy and I have ever done for our marriage to move where we don't have family, and hopefully after he turns this boys program around the bigger schools closer to OKC will be knocking on our doors begging him to come there. So in the long run a couple of years isn't that bad, I will be fine, and if you could just not talk to me about it, that would be super, unless you want to see the waterworks! So Jeremy has to be there on August 7th, and we are lucky enough that some people that go to church have parents that live there, who will hopefully welcome Jeremy with open arms if our house does not sell before! Cooper and I will follow as soon as everything is settled with the house, so pray with us that that happens so quickly and smoothly!

As my best friend so nicely put it when she left a message for me from Brazil: "Michelle, I heard Jeremy got a job at Pittsburg, OK. Well, I was curious and I looked that up on the internet, Michelle, there are like 280 people there, I don't think they have a Starbucks. Did you know that? I am happy for Jeremy, but I just needed to hear it from you and see how you're doing with this move. Call me." Since for some reason when I call I can't hear anyone on the other line and she reads this from time to time....yes I know it is small, that's why we'll live where there is a walmart, and I know there isn't a Starbucks, and it will be hard at first, but I fully believe that if it wasn't going to work out perfectly, and be exactly where Jeremy needed to be, God would've opened up another one of those 60 doors or so we knocked on!

Just fyi....people I don't go to Starbucks everyday, more like maybe once a week, and although I love living down the street from them and having it as an option; I usually just brew their coffee at home, it is less expensive and we're not that rich. However, if you ever come visit me....don't even think about knocking on my door without some starbucks already brewed, or some coffee beans!

If you're wondering....

Do you know where we went?

How about now? So now you're all caught up, and how did I get these pictures?

a helicopter ride! So if you weren't following my facebook updates, that is why it is beneficial for your husband to watch the bachelorette, he takes you on surprise trips and helicopter rides. I was doing everything I could to take pictures and for my camera not to fall out the window into the Hudson River! This is a great way to see the city, I'm sure the pics would've been better if it weren't so overcast. It was still so much fun!

Since I lived in New York, well 6 years ago, and on the upper west side we got turned around a lot coming from the upper east side. But either way I didn't care, I just wanted to hang out there. I love NYC, I could still move there, I would totally raise Cooper there, I just love it! I was so excited to go back. 6 years ago we were there on the 4th, Jeremy came up to visit me, at that point he told me for the first time that he loved me! So major props to the husband for taking me somewhere that I love, and putting his feelings aside toward New York! We didn't go see any shows, we tried to see Shakespeare in the Park, but Anne Hathaway was in it, so it was packed. We ended up at Justin Timberlake's BBQ, Southern Hospitality, the food was amazing, so I highly recommend it!

On the 4th we shopped a lot, ate a nice brunch, a hotdog and chilled in central park, then capped it off with Macy's Fireworks show, which is amazing!

There are a ton more pics to share, but I've got a lot going on right now, but we'll save those for another time and another post! Hope everyone had a great 4th!

4 years and counting

I couldn't go on our "secret trip" and not schedule a blog to mark this day. 4 years ago, I said "I do", and that I would stand by his side, 4 years later I'm still by his side and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else....hopefully I'm feeling that way about where I am on my way to now! So honey, I know you read this, thanks for a great 4 years, and I look forward to many more to come. Even though I know there are some big changes ahead, I'm looking forward to what God has planned for us and I know he's making our marriage stronger and our lives better every day! I love you so much! And thanks for the secret trip, I'm sure I'm going to love it! (Now you can go throw up your breakfast!)
The "coolest" bridesmaids, literally, our reception outside in July, they were pretty cool at the end!
We are not nice cake feeders...take lessons all you nice people out there!
The reception of my dreams at my grandparents house, so many people did amazing work to make this happen!
I feel like we're so young in this picture....no idea about what God would have in store for us, but looking back, innocence is bliss!

Goodbye! Off on our trip like we are today, except our car is much less cooler, and I'm sure I'm not wearing a pretty dress either. If I'm lucky I look half way decent and my hair might be brushed!

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