Can you guess what that number has to do with anything??? Take a moment and think about it.

Okay, time is up, I don't have a ton of time to wait for you, sorry. 42.8 is the possible number of miles to the nearest

unverified is what the map application on my IPhone says about a Starbucks in McAlester. Hopefully I can verify that to be true soon. So, if you haven't heard we are movin' to the country. When? As soon as out house sells, that is technically I guess on the market, but not quite ready for showings. (In other words, if you've got some spare time and want to help to some touch up paint, I welcome you with open arms!)

Crazy enough, this is the answer to our prayer since March. Jeremy has been ready for a head coaching job, and when Yukon turned in to coaching Jr. High and a high school position not being open for coaching next year, we decided it was time to look elsewhere. I'm not going to lie, this wasn't an easy decision for me to accept. You could say I've cried a lot, and I'm not ashamed. Edmond may not be my favorite place in the whole world, but it's where my favorite people are. I have been able to live other places, but I couldn't tell you how excited I was to come home, and I will still always call this my home and I will always be excited to come home. Mostly, it's so sad to me because I have to take Cooper away from Memorial Road, but maybe in some ways it'll be okay, because I will be staying home with him, which is another huge answer to prayers, and whatever church we decided to go to better watch out, they might kick us out, because I have every intention of making their children's program identical to the one I know and love so much!

In the end Jeremy and I are both getting answers to our prayers, and I'm sure after we sell our house hopefully by the end of the month and find a decent house to rent down there I'll be able to see that more clearly. Also, in the end, as much as I dearly love my parents, it will probably be the best thing Jeremy and I have ever done for our marriage to move where we don't have family, and hopefully after he turns this boys program around the bigger schools closer to OKC will be knocking on our doors begging him to come there. So in the long run a couple of years isn't that bad, I will be fine, and if you could just not talk to me about it, that would be super, unless you want to see the waterworks! So Jeremy has to be there on August 7th, and we are lucky enough that some people that go to church have parents that live there, who will hopefully welcome Jeremy with open arms if our house does not sell before! Cooper and I will follow as soon as everything is settled with the house, so pray with us that that happens so quickly and smoothly!

As my best friend so nicely put it when she left a message for me from Brazil: "Michelle, I heard Jeremy got a job at Pittsburg, OK. Well, I was curious and I looked that up on the internet, Michelle, there are like 280 people there, I don't think they have a Starbucks. Did you know that? I am happy for Jeremy, but I just needed to hear it from you and see how you're doing with this move. Call me." Since for some reason when I call I can't hear anyone on the other line and she reads this from time to time....yes I know it is small, that's why we'll live where there is a walmart, and I know there isn't a Starbucks, and it will be hard at first, but I fully believe that if it wasn't going to work out perfectly, and be exactly where Jeremy needed to be, God would've opened up another one of those 60 doors or so we knocked on!

Just fyi....people I don't go to Starbucks everyday, more like maybe once a week, and although I love living down the street from them and having it as an option; I usually just brew their coffee at home, it is less expensive and we're not that rich. However, if you ever come visit me....don't even think about knocking on my door without some starbucks already brewed, or some coffee beans!


Emily said...

If you need any advice on being a head coach's wife, you know where to find me!

Britt's Baby Bump said...

I can tell you no matter how far you are from the ones you love they are only a phone call away. Good Luck, we will be praying for you guys!!!

Beverly said...

I am sure you will be the biggest blessings to people you don't even know yet and I admire you for being open to GOD's Plan and supporting the dream of your husband. You will reap many blessings too...Farm life can be great! I always loved going to the home farm once a month when I grew up. Love you, your biggest fan!:-)

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Hang in there Michelle. I am proud of you for seeing the positive side of things while keeping a balance to the reality of changes you will be going through. We will pray for you guys to sell your house and for your time at McAlister to be a time to grow closer to Jeremy and the people in that town. I know that you guys will show God's love in your daily lives!

Anna said...

We hate to hear that you guys are moving, but we wish you all the best in your move. And your right, this will be a great thing for your marriage and your family and who knows, you might love it there and not want to move back! I'm secretly hoping you have to stay till after the first of Sept so you can take some pics once the new baby comes :)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like you are really trying to make the best of things and I admire you supporting your husband. I am sorry because I was just getting to know you better, but we can still be blog buddies, I suppose! Keep posting those adorable pics of Cooper!

Ginny said...

Oh Michelle, I know how hard it can be to move away and "start over" somewhere new. You have such a great attitude about it. Keep that up! It WILL be GREAT for your marriage. I am so thankful that we were still an easy drive from our families, but that we are also on our own. It's nice to not be so and so's daughter or son...just yourself. :) You guys are going to do so great. How wonderful that you'll get to stay home now with Cooper! He's a lucky boy.

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