Saturday Morning Breakfast

Pancakes....Cooper wanted to help this morning!

I'm off to make a few chocolate chip cookie pies, because my husband has to try this and the people that are so nice to let them live at their house need one too!

The Great State Fair!

I wanted to take Cooper to the fair to see the sheep this year. I think that is his favorite animal, he loves them. Isn't that a random animal? I also think he was completely taken off guard when he actually heard one. He got to see them in the petting zoo, getting sheared, and getting baths. They were pretty loud. I'm not sure he knew what to think. Cooper was officially spoiled by his grandparents and great grandparents at the fair...which is great, because I had to purchase nothing for him to have a good time!

at the petting zoo

attempting to be farmer for a day (which is a great exhibit by the way)

because Grandpa didn't get to ride these enough in Egypt

He only ate about half of this double corndog

Do you remember getting so excited about banana leaves?

All in all, we had a good time....our attempt at a picture together

P90X Update

Well I just finished week 5 of P90X this morning. I still really like it. I decided I would take the doubles route, so this week was my first week of adding Cardio X 3 mornings a week. It's only 43 minutes long, but its 43 minutes of super hard work and lots and lots of sweating! I'm contemplating trying to follow the nutrition plan because I have some major motivation.....Jeremy and I get to be sponsors on the Senior Trip! You might be thinking, where does a little school like Pittsburg go for their senior trip, Kansas? They do it up thanks to Pittsburg High School, we'll be spending Spring Break on this:

A 5 day, 4 night, Mexican cruise aboard the Carnival Fantasy Ship. I may have to stay in a room with 3 high school girls, but a free cruise, I'll take it. Now don't you wish your husband coached and taught a little school that happened to go on awesome Senior Trips? It's go time P90X! (I say I am going to follow the nutrition plan right after I ate some pizza and I'm waiting for the dough to make cinnamon rolls rise....not sure those things all fit together!)

First of many....(this is for you Jane!)

One of the things I hope to learn when I move is to sew. My dear friend Jane is helping me get off to a good start. I did piece together a larger quilt, but I still have yet to complete the back and send it to get quilted. But that inspired me to buy a sewing machine of Craig's list, well I'll be looking for another one, the bobbin (I'm sure that's not spelled right) is way to complicated. Then I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby and I thought I'll make a quilt for Levi! I couldn't post about it until now, so I present to you my first Baby Quilt. I basically just cut and sewed these 2 pieces together, but it's a good start! I was very pleased with the final result, no ruffles, I wanted this to be very boyish, since he's the only one! One our quick trip we did notice a Quilting store, I know its shocking a little country town has a quilting store!

Oh, and you can ask Jane about my mad sewing skills!! We'll say I have a long long way to go!

A Glimpse

I only took these pictures while we were in Pittsburg, I had planned to take more. I should've taken a picture of Cooper trying to climb up and down the 50 year old stands, I could barely take the steps. It looks like we'll be investing in some lawn chairs for next baseball season, doesn't look like we'll be making it there for this one!

The baseball coach himself....and in the distant background you can see my Mom, Cooper, and the Principal and his family playing on the play ground.

Notice the cows to the right....those stole the show for Cooper. He was pretty much sold on being out there with the cows once he noticed they were there! My mom had to take him over there twice!

weekend fun.....

Well, we had some fun last week, or at least I did!

Thursday Night we went here, go watch a movie, have dinner, sit in the balcony, it is so worth it. (You have to get a sitter, no kids under 21 aloud in the balcony)We saw All About Steve, it was funny! David and Leslie met my mom and I there, so it was good to see them.

Then we went to Il Dolce Gelato for dessert. Orange Tree and all you others look out, sorry they've got nothing on this place. They serve up gelato ice cream in a Starbucks setting, it is literally my dream come true! So if you ever want to take a trip to Moore, I'll all for it!

Friday after Cooper's 18 month doc appointment, Cooper, my Mom and I headed to big Pittsburg, OK! It wasn't that bad. Except for the parents sitting in front of me complaining about my husband....the people were pretty nice, the other ones. (I'm sure those people are nice too.) I met the Principal's wife, and we will get along just fine! We went to eat at Pete's Place, in Krebs, OK. This place is some good food, you'll be stuffed when you leave with your all you can eat, salad, bread, spaghetti, ravioli, and meatballs.

Oh and cheese, you can't forget the cheese. Muenster Cheese, Cooper ate 2 plates of this.

And there was a chocolate torte for dessert that was delicious.

After dinner we headed back home, then Saturday morning I went out to visit Katie, Ryan, and Baby Olivia!

My Mom, Cooper, and I then headed to Hennessey to have lunch with the Ferrells and go to Levi's baby shower. I attempted to take a picture of all 4 kids together, I haven't edited them yet, but I'm sure there is at least 1 good on! So that wraps up our weekend, which is good that we were out a lot, because now I'm banning Cooper to the house so he doesn't catch that Swine Flu!

The Dog Did it...

Jeremy and I were talking last night about how well Cooper and Baxter (our dog) were getting along. Cooper loves to chase him around the house, and give him his toys. Well, I was in the kitchen getting dinner started, and I guess Baxter got a little too excited. The next thing I heard was a huge thud, then I saw my little pretty baby lying in head first against the corner of the kitchen cabinets. Of course Cooper started screaming, and he wouldn't let us put any ice on it, and the children's Tylenol was naturally in my mom's car. But a little milk and Little Einsteins can fix just about anything at our house.

No worries, one call to my mom and she came with the Tylenol, and his pupils were just fine, he ate some dinner, and went to bed like an Angel. He just has this huge ugly knot on his forehead, but the dog did it!

I have much more to post about from out weekend mini trips, but that'll have to wait!

Post for Dad

Cooper set this up like this, by himself, I guess it's not really that impressive to the average person, but I wanted Jeremy to see it! His goals are usually side by side.

And Honey, this is what you're missing during the week. Obviously someone is tired of wearing a diaper, but until he can tell me he has to go to the bathroom, we're not even going there. It's my fault for not putting shorts on him after I changed his diaper.

(*I originally posted this picture without the black box, but since you should respect your elders, Harold Shank thought it would be better to add it. I'm sure he's right about it!)

If I could only post this on my food blog, people would understand how difficult it can be to cook with a 1 year old running around. Not to mention take pictures and blog about it. After this picture was taken he looked at me like, doesn't everyone go to the fridge like this?

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