P90X Update

Well I just finished week 5 of P90X this morning. I still really like it. I decided I would take the doubles route, so this week was my first week of adding Cardio X 3 mornings a week. It's only 43 minutes long, but its 43 minutes of super hard work and lots and lots of sweating! I'm contemplating trying to follow the nutrition plan because I have some major motivation.....Jeremy and I get to be sponsors on the Senior Trip! You might be thinking, where does a little school like Pittsburg go for their senior trip, Kansas? They do it up right....so thanks to Pittsburg High School, we'll be spending Spring Break on this:

A 5 day, 4 night, Mexican cruise aboard the Carnival Fantasy Ship. I may have to stay in a room with 3 high school girls, but a free cruise, I'll take it. Now don't you wish your husband coached and taught a little school that happened to go on awesome Senior Trips? It's go time P90X! (I say I am going to follow the nutrition plan right after I ate some pizza and I'm waiting for the dough to make cinnamon rolls rise....not sure those things all fit together!)


Hi, I'm Ginny said...

How exciting! You guys will have so much fun! Spring break isn't really that far away. Isn't that nuts?

Heidi said...


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