First of many....(this is for you Jane!)

One of the things I hope to learn when I move is to sew. My dear friend Jane is helping me get off to a good start. I did piece together a larger quilt, but I still have yet to complete the back and send it to get quilted. But that inspired me to buy a sewing machine of Craig's list, well I'll be looking for another one, the bobbin (I'm sure that's not spelled right) is way to complicated. Then I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby and I thought I'll make a quilt for Levi! I couldn't post about it until now, so I present to you my first Baby Quilt. I basically just cut and sewed these 2 pieces together, but it's a good start! I was very pleased with the final result, no ruffles, I wanted this to be very boyish, since he's the only one! One our quick trip we did notice a Quilting store, I know its shocking a little country town has a quilting store!

Oh, and you can ask Jane about my mad sewing skills!! We'll say I have a long long way to go!


vivian said...

bobbin is spelled see-you are a natural!

The Warriors said...

Wahoo!! Super excited about Levi's quilt...totally awesome! You are the best...oh, and I STINK because i forgot to call you on your birthday! I was working all night and thought about it every time I wrote the date then didn't think about it again. I'm sorry...we love you!!

Anna said...

Love the quilt! And... it matches great with the nursery!

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