Pumpkin Carving

My family was kind enough to wait for Jeremy and I to return Monday evening for dinner and pumpkin carving. Jeremy was supposed to be back at school on Tuesday, but I had an ultrasound on Tuesday so he was able to take a day and go to that!
Here is the yearly pumpkin carving for the North Family...


Trip: Going to a different city/country, having a packed full itinerary, seeing sights, walking, a lot of walking, tours, soaking up the local culture.

Vacation: Laying around, reading books, sleeping, and eating.

Last weekend we took a long weekend and had a true vacation. It was just what the doctor ordered, at least for me. I think Jeremy rather enjoyed himself too. We had an excellent time, got in early, enjoyed a magnificent lunch then retired to the beach (after changing in a luggage holding area since our room was not ready) for reading, sleeping, and relaxation. It was everything it was supposed to be. The best part, I didn't even need to spend the $10 bucks on a maternity suit, which I did wear one day, but amazingly my other one fit. (I do not know how that's possible, I am 19 weeks and huge!)

Where I read, and drank my share of Pina Coladas (*no worries, these are pregnancy approved drinks)

Our room, not going to lie, I miss that king size bed and jacuzzi tub, and room service

Right outside our room

If you're wondering here is what I read, I'd recommend all of them!

If you need me.....

We will (Jeremy and I) be here, relaxing for just a few short days. But you gotta get what you can between kids, work, basketball season, oh and that new baby coming in March.....so hope you enjoy your Fall Break, and don't worry I'll probably eat enough for 20 people. Oh and what about our kids, they are enjoying some Grandparent time in Edmond! I think it'll be good for everyone!!

Keeping with the theme

To go with my planner I also ordered a little something to help with chores for the kids (mainly Cooper). I saw a post about Fisher Kids on this amazing blog! So I ordered one, we start using it on Monday. We will see how it works out. Cooper seems excited about it!

This is the chart

The chore list

Paycheck Pad (they suggest using stickers for younger children, but Cooper is totally into coins)

Chore sticks, everyday he'll draw 2 chores. We choose pictures of
the chores for now. When he can read that will change.

Although I'm not crazy about the look of these bags, I love the idea.
This teaches children to learn how to spend their money. Cooper's favorite
color is green, so he's been putting his coins that he already has in that pouch.

I'm an organized nerd

I buy a planner every year and I keep just about all of them. (I never look at them, but I've got them, somewhere!) I love that it's pretty much a record of my life. I write everything in it so I don't forget, all that good stuff! So I jumped on the Erin Condren bandwagon and purchased a life planner, I LOVE it!! Worth every penny! So here is an overview, you should totally get one!

Collage cover

Monthly tabs

Tons of room to write

The cutest little stickers

Pouch and folder (all you couponers out there!

So it's the ultimate planner....now I just need to pick up some different colored pens to organize everyone's schedule! (see told ya, organized nerd!)

Not all about Homecoming

Well Homecoming weekend wasn't all about homecoming. My self proclaimed "first born" came into town to hang out with us, Colby Wedel. I should've taken pictures, she chased the kids around at the football game, then went to Cheer State with us at OSU. (Since she graduated from there that turned out to be very helpful) She then stayed with the kids while Jeremy and I worked the Alumni Dance Concession Stand to try to raise some more money for this basketball team. After we're done being a Coach and a Coach's wife, we could be President and First Lady of any Christian College, we raise money like crazy! Hahaha!

Sunday after church and lunch we took Cooper for a little surprise! We busted it to Tulsa to see Toy Story on Ice 3 at the Fair there. He loved it, again, don't look so happy in those pics Cooper!

Luckily this week hasn't been near that eventful. Just lots of work for me and playing for the kids. Next week the kids are going to be spending a long weekend with Grandma and Granddad while their Dad and I sneak away on a little pre-basketball season, pre-baby #3 trip to the beach! Tuesday when we get back we get to take a look at the little one! So exciting things coming up!

Newkirk Homecoming Parade

Last week was homecoming. Which basically means a lot of football games, dress up days, skits, parade, and a little alumni dance/gathering we did some food for. I should've taken pictures of Jeremy everyday cause he dressed up, but apparently his best appearance was DJ Pauly D in some Sophomore Skit, a mom is supposed to send me the video. What I saw was some good stuff. But I just got pics of the important part......COOP RODE IN THE PARADE!!!

 The "float" if you will was an advertisement for the upcoming Golf Tourney....so if you're into Golf, or your husband is, we'd love to have you!!
(Or we are taking "hole sponsors" for $100, so if you'd like to donate to Boy's Basketball, let me know!!)

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