Newkirk Homecoming Parade

Last week was homecoming. Which basically means a lot of football games, dress up days, skits, parade, and a little alumni dance/gathering we did some food for. I should've taken pictures of Jeremy everyday cause he dressed up, but apparently his best appearance was DJ Pauly D in some Sophomore Skit, a mom is supposed to send me the video. What I saw was some good stuff. But I just got pics of the important part......COOP RODE IN THE PARADE!!!

 The "float" if you will was an advertisement for the upcoming Golf if you're into Golf, or your husband is, we'd love to have you!!
(Or we are taking "hole sponsors" for $100, so if you'd like to donate to Boy's Basketball, let me know!!)


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I bet he loved being in the parade!

OK Chick said...

I'm happy he was able to be in the parade! I know he loved it.

Colby said...

AND your favorite first born came to visit!!! i can't believe you didn't blog about that part. ;)

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