Thomas the Train

Last weekend while I was in Edmond, Thomas happened to make his yearly trek to OKC, this was Cooper's 3rd time to go and Maddie's first time. She waved to everyone as we rode the train and gave my mom, dad, and myself lots of hugs. She really loved it, Cooper kinda acted like he was too cool for it. (But I know secretly he loved every second, maybe I shouldn't have woken him from his nap.) It was great taking them Friday afternoon, no one was there!

Riding Thomas

Conductor Maddie

Playing with Tracts

He didn't want to leave these tracts, not sure how it's really
different from his thousands at home....

Cooper, Maddie and Thomas!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

That's so funny that you noticed that about Cooper! I think boys do that sometimes but that's just the way they are. Keep on taking him until he says something about it. Then he'll have to anyway to help keep little brother or sister entertained. He'll secretly love it, I'm sure!

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