Last day....

May 15th was the last day of school for the kiddos....also unknown to them the last day of school in Newkirk. We knew that week we'd be moving this summer, but choose to wait to tell the kids. It might have been harder for me because that week I resigned from PTO and all my teacher friends knew we'd be leaving. Since it was rainy we had their Big Blast inside, which is basically kids running around the school to different rooms playing games and the bouncey houses in the cafeteria. They all still had a blast....the best room I thought was the Human Happy Hippo game!

Maddie's Graduation & 5th Birthday

Sweet Maddie graduated from Pre-K and turned 5 on the same day! (Not going to lie, it was a little emotional for this Mama!) My parents and Mama Jo and Papa Staff came up for her graduation ceremony where she stood proudly on the front row singing loudly and doing her hand motions largely! (She would be that kid you couldn't believe on the video if I had one!) It was a nice little ceremony and she wants to be a "Mom that cooks" when she grows up!

After her ceremony we came back to the house and just played, opened presents, and the birthday girl choose to go to Olive Garden in Stillwater. So we all went to eat! My parents took the 2 little kids back with them so I could help out with their Big Blast on Friday at school! It was a great day!

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