Kildare Carnival

Last Thursday we were invited to a carnival at a nearby school. So since Jeremy was playing golf I took the kids to check it out. I also wanted to see things they did because I may have been elected PTO President for next year, so I'll be in charge of the Newkirk Carnival....among other things. I wasn't really going to announce this, but my Dad spilled the beans during our date night Friday. Needless to say my husband was thrilled I took on yet another responsibility! Anyway, the carnival was fun times, the kids really enjoyed it and I guess that's all that matters.

What's a good carnival without a noodle fight....this may have been their favorite thing!

Friday Fun

Friday was a fun day! Cooper had a field trip to the Wichita, KS zoo so the girls and I joined him. The girls and I got to walk around some by ourselves because the students had a program at first. So we went to the children's farm where Kellyn touched the cutest little baby goat, missed that pic, and we found the elephants and penguins for Maddie, cause those are her favorite animals. After we ate lunch Cooper got to walk around with us. I thought we'd stay longer then the school, but we were finished about the same time and the kids were tired. It was so cold in the morning, but it warmed up as we were leaving.

I had heard on the radio on the way out of town that Tony Lucca was going to be performing in Ponca. He was one of our favorite on Season 2 of The Voice. Luckily living in a small town high school kids don't make to many plans so we found babysitters and we enjoyed a very small intimate show from him. There weren't that many people there, but he really is a great singer/songwriter. He did his rendition of "Baby One More Time" which I love, so I was happy! Here we are with him after the show, we bought one of his CDs and he signed it for us.

All in all, a fun day out with the kids and a great night out with the hubs!

Oversized overripe turnip

Cooper's Spring musical play was Tuesday. It was a pretty cute, simple musical book play. So they read a book and sang a couple of songs between pages. The play was put on by the pre-k and kindergarten classes. Cooper was lucky enough to land a part in the play.....which meant I was lucky enough to make a brown squirrel costume. As Cooper says "Mom, you did your best!"
It's super hard to find brown clothes in the Spring!

Maddie's Ball a/k/a Prom

Since Maddie is so in to Cinderella and the ball we thought she'd love going with Jeremy to drop by Prom this year. He doesn't stay very long, but still a fun night for we thought. I took her to Hobby Lobby and let her pick out fabric for her dress. Which I made for her. It was difficult cause she didn't want to try it on, then she didn't want to take it off, didn't want to stand still for get the picture. But after hours of cutting, sewing, ripping it apart, sewing, and hiding it from her it came together. I could never be on project runway and it definitely wasn't perfect, but the Friday before I couldn't get it off her. I had to take it from her bed when she went to bed and hide it again so she wouldn't wear it til Saturday night. Then Jeremy's parents and brother, his wife, and their daughter came up on Saturday. She played her little heart out and we had to wake her up at 6:30 after a 2+ hour nap to get ready to leave for prom. That's when the melt down started and she didn't want to go, didn't want me to fix her know drama at it's finest. Regardless we got her out the door and I'm told once she got there she had a blast! So I guess all the sewing, hiding, and forcing her to wear her dress was worth it! Now it's in her princess dress rotation that she changes every 15-20 minutes.....

(the girl in the pic is my one of my kids favorite babysitters!)





Well Easter is over. I'll be honest for some reason Cooper was overly excited about Easter. So I felt a lot of pressure to live up to the hype. I was in charge of the Easter snacks for his school party, I took him and Maddie to an extra egg hunt at a local church, found an Easter bunny (somewhat scary looking one) to take pictures with, and I think the gems I found at the dollar store were winners in their Easter baskets. We did all the regular stuff for them too, dyed eggs (which is a mess in itself) and had our own little egg hunt while lunch was finishing. He said it was a great Easter, so guess I did him proud! Here is a narrowed down selection of pictures....

(for the snacks I did bunny cut cheese, peanut butter crackers, grapes, and cake balls)


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