The Artist Inside.....

So last night I was invited to a Girl's Night Out here. So I decided (a little selfishly) I hadn't hung out with any friends in weeks so I would go. This worked out well because I got to eat dinner with my mom and dad, just me, my mom and dad. (If you're wondering my mom is out of the hospital and making improvements!)

Anyway, this place is great. I had so much fun. It's totally intimidating to see that white canvas in front of you, but really I thought everyone did a fantastic job. Ours were all so different! The guy gives you great instruction, secretly I've always wanted to take an art class. I tried once in college, it wasn't the best place to start. You can bring your own food and drinks, so you talk, paint, eat, drink, it's great fun. I did have to cut out a little early since I was driving back to Newkirk, but here's how my work turned out. Not perfect, but not totally an embarrasment! So book your next Girl's Night Out at Paint Your Own Art Out!

Through My Eyes

This summer Jeremy bought the Tim Tebow Book, Through My Eyes. He started reading it and suggested I might want to read it. I kind of blew it off....seriously why would I want to read that book?

Jeremy decided he would do Senior Leadership meetings once a week. The coach at Santa Fe does (or did) this, and with all the Senior drama we had last year, we both agreed it might be a good way to unite the Seniors, talk a little about leadership, help them realize what an impact they have, and we figured if I cooked, they couldn't complain. So when you see Senior Saturday Breakfast on Facebook they are here for breakfast. Jeremy decided after reading a few chapters of Tim Tebow's book, he'd use that.

So yesterday, I was bored so I decided I'd read the book. I heard some of it during their meeting, and it made me very intrigued. I would say if you are raising boys, I'd read this book. (What I'd really love is for his parents to write a book about how they instilled the values that he has.) I'm not saying I 100% agree with everything he may believe, but I also don't know his exact stand on things either. Needless to say I am very impressed about how he is not ashamed to really own his faith, and stick to what he believes in. He does and did a lot of wonderful things through his football career.

Although, he may be younger then most that write a "memoir" I think getting things out there, in his words was one of the smartest things he has done. If he is going to write it, you can't help but believe his side of the story. He also starts every chapter with a verse and may talk about others within the chapter. I think for someone to do this with such fame, is such a great example for younger kids. I fully intend on having Cooper read this book when he's older of course. But I think it is a great example of someone who worked hard for the things he really wanted and didn't let partying, girls, or the pressures of the outside world get to him. He embraced those challenges by having Bible Studies with his teammates, coaches, and making smart choices with his fame. You've got to admit in this day, that's very impressive for a young man.

So, what we hope, or really Jeremy hopes to accomplish with the boys by reading this book would be to ultimately make them better men. It's really not just about winning games, although it's fun to win, it's about influencing these boys to make good choices, become good men, and hopefully come to know God. Maybe it's a little indirect, but I think they will at least know, we truly care about them, and it has nothing to do with their basketball talent or ability! So if you've got any good breakfast ideas, pass them on, I'm not a huge breakfast eater, so hopefully I won't get redundant!

Hello Charlie......

We made a super quick trip to Norman yesterday to meet Charlie Faye! I feel there is an appropriate amount of time to stay at the hospital with 2 young ones myself. Surprisingly the kids did awesome, and they were so sweet to Charlie. Cooper held her so good, he's been waiting for Charlie Faye to get out of the tummy for a while! So here are a few pics, and one I stole from Julie cause it's the best picture of Mama Jo and Papa!

We can't wait to see her in a few weeks!

Part 2....the Beach!

The last week of July we went on our annual trek to the Beach with all the North Family! Most everyone was able to come, except a couple of uncles, Charlie, and David and Leslie stayed home cause they are having a baby today!!

We had a big change this year and went to Destin, FL instead of Padre, which was a little bittersweet, but overall it was a good and needed change. Everyone had a blast, and we've already booked our houses for next year! So here are a few pics, I wasn't very good about taking many pictures this year. I didn't get a family one, and I didn't even get one of Cooper and Maddie together (he refused).

Maddie loved everything about the beach, water, eating the sand, you know the simple things in life. She actually left her little hat on every time we were outside.
Cooper running to the ocean, apparently it's fun running in and out of the ocean if you're 3!
No North Family trip would be complete without Devos every night. On this night the little kids acted out Daniel in the Lion's Den. They were so cute!
The paparazzi!
Cooper was Daniel, here he is being thrown into the den by "bad men"
Model Maddie.....she's too funny!

I meant to take a picture of my water baby everyday, she had a ton of super cute bathing suits, but she'd never sit still.....
Cooper and Levi are the best of friends, running after the birds!

July Catch

Sorry for the temporary hiatus in blogging. To say July was a busy month would be an understatement. So here is part 1 of July, swimming lessons!

While we were in Edmond, my mom had arranged for both kids to take swimming lessons. Cooper took with Logan Rosebaum, who actually helped him learn to like the water. Maddie took with Megan Bachman who is an infant certified swimming teacher, she was amazing. Both lessons were worth every penny. Cooper took 4 lessons with Megan as well. So here are a few pics.

 This is one of Cooper's happier moments in Swim Lessons, I had to miss a few lessons so he would behave well....
 He may look thrilled to be jumping off the side, but he's not.
 Maddie came in from the side of the pool, goes under water, turns over and.....
 up she comes to float!
 She loves positive reinforcement, aka, applause!
 Rings and Rockets!
 Cooper doing rings and rockets
Cooper doing his best float, he had a lot of trouble liking the water, but he made vast improvements with lessons then at the beach!
I would highly recommend either swim teacher. Megan does teach year round, so if you'd like her information, I'd be more then happy to pass it along. You won't regret it. Maddie can do everything she was taught with anyone in the pool, it's really amazing.

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