July Catch Up....pt.1

Sorry for the temporary hiatus in blogging. To say July was a busy month would be an understatement. So here is part 1 of July, swimming lessons!

While we were in Edmond, my mom had arranged for both kids to take swimming lessons. Cooper took with Logan Rosebaum, who actually helped him learn to like the water. Maddie took with Megan Bachman who is an infant certified swimming teacher, she was amazing. Both lessons were worth every penny. Cooper took 4 lessons with Megan as well. So here are a few pics.

 This is one of Cooper's happier moments in Swim Lessons, I had to miss a few lessons so he would behave well....
 He may look thrilled to be jumping off the side, but he's not.
 Maddie came in from the side of the pool, goes under water, turns over and.....
 up she comes to float!
 She loves positive reinforcement, aka, applause!
 Rings and Rockets!
 Cooper doing rings and rockets
Cooper doing his best float, he had a lot of trouble liking the water, but he made vast improvements with lessons then at the beach!
I would highly recommend either swim teacher. Megan does teach year round, so if you'd like her information, I'd be more then happy to pass it along. You won't regret it. Maddie can do everything she was taught with anyone in the pool, it's really amazing.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

That is amazing! There are more kids out there than I realized whose parents didn't put them in swim lessons or teach them to swim, and they are really scared of the water.

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