17 weeks...and some firsts!

Well this past week was a busy week for Cooper. He had his 4 month check up, where he did okay with 3 shots. He now weighs 12 lbs. 12 oz (25th percentile) and he is 25 inches long (50th percentile) the doc was happy with his progression. As promised Cooper is becoming more mobile, as you can see from the shot below he moved away from his mat. He's not crawling yet, but he's pretty close to it. Which may sound crazy for a 4 month old, but if you saw it you wouldn't believe it. He also attended his very first wedding, congrats to Anthony and Rachael...or course Cooper isn't looking at the camera, but I think their photographer may have got some better shots of him. The doc gave the okay to feed him some cereal, also evident by the photos below, he loves it...I've never seen anyone so excited to eat mush! Finally we had a successful bath, one he halfway enjoyed and wasn't arching his back and screaming the whole time. Maybe he is starting to think baths are fun. We'll see the next time he gets one how it goes. As usual there is a a lovely slideshow of a few of the 50 pictures we took of him last week....I may try to upload a video of him eating his cereal because it is entertaining!

16 weeks and the CUT!!!

Well this week was great....my favorite week of the summer, I finally got my hair cut...

before the cut:

Pantene Beautiful lengths got 2 very thick ponytails, 11 inches long...in all I kissed goodbye a good 13 inches....
after the cut:

This is the shortest my hair has ever been, and I love it!! It's so fun and a perfect Summer cut. So thank you Katie for cutting my hair...it was totally worth the wait! Well Cooper is doing great, and he is becoming more mobile...more on that the next post. He enjoyed a couple of days at VBS, his cousins wedding reception, and seeing his other baby cousin Lydia at the MonaVie meeting. If you want to know about MonaVie then ask me!! We also this week said goodbye to the Ferrells, we wish them luck in Washington, and we know they will have fun, but we will miss them dearly. Enjoy the pictures below!

16 weeks

Well we had a good Father's Day, or I should say Jeremy had a good Father's Day. I took him shopping and Cooper got him some accessories for his IPOD and some jeans, a belt, and shoes. We also took Cooper over to the Wedels to the pool for the first time. I had my doubts about him liking this activity. Well, he didn't scream, I wouldn't say that he loved it, but I don't think that he hated it. I'm sure we'll be making a few more trips so he can get used to the pool life for the Beach Trip coming up in July! David and Leslie bought Cooper his first Mickey Mouse, and he loves it, its amazing how even babies love Mickey. Cooper has a new trick, he likes to reach and take hold of things. Good example: he like to hold his toys that have been dangling from his car seat....bad example: he dumped my whole glass of water on me while out to eat. He also sat in his first High Chair, it didn't last long, and he's a little small for those, but pretty soon he'll rather be in that then his car seat while we're out to eat. Well as usual here are some pictures of this past week's happenings. Enjoy!

15 weeks

It is so hard to believe in 2 weeks I'll take Cooper for his 4 month check up....4 months, where does the time go? Alot of people have been asking how much Cooper weighs now....we'll every time I put him on our scale it says ERR, my aunt gave me the advice to get on it holding him and subtract my weight. I hate scales...really hate scales, but I braved it last night and Cooper weighs probably about 13 pounds, that's a guess, he is fast approaching 25 inches long. Cooper's new trick is to laugh, like not just a little laugh, a full out snort full-belly laugh, like he can't handle it. It is very funny and most of time if you tickle his stomach he will do it, perferably in public with people around. Or Jeremy can some how get him to laugh while looking at him, it's the cutest thing ever. We are working up to our training, I slow jogged, although in my opinion I was going fast around OC on Saturday, while Jeremy ran with the stroller, with no problem, and could do it again. I guess it is good because I don't think he could actually lap me. We've decided on a November half-marathon, so I have about 1 1/2 months to make it to running 3 miles at a good pace. That's a lot of pressure, but I'll get there. We also left Cooper with his first official babysitter on Saturday night...meaning not with my parents, or another parent, but actually paid a young adult to come to our house and take care of him, thanks Colby! She did amazing, he was fast asleep in his crib when I got home, which I can't even make happen. We're working on it and hopefully I won't need to pay her to come put him to sleep everynight! Here are some pictures of Jeremy and Cooper from last night. Have a good week!

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14 weeks

Well we made it to Texas and back this weekend and surprisingly Cooper did much better in the car. He did great through graduation and slept in his carseat during dinner at IHOP and bowling, both very loud places. He must have been tired because he did not wake up until about 5:30 am. Saturday we enjoyed some shopping and the Indiana Jones Movie then had time for games with Jeremy's family. On Sunday Cooper got to spend some time with his other grandma while I worked and Jeremy played basketball.
Yesterday Jeremy and I bought shoes for our training we are starting to run a half marathon probably sometime in early November, so I am looking forward to getting back in shape. Summer basketball camps started as well, so Jeremy will be doing that most of the Summer except for our annual trip to the beach that is coming up soon!That about wraps things up for us around here, enjoy some pictures from graduation:

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