16 weeks

Well we had a good Father's Day, or I should say Jeremy had a good Father's Day. I took him shopping and Cooper got him some accessories for his IPOD and some jeans, a belt, and shoes. We also took Cooper over to the Wedels to the pool for the first time. I had my doubts about him liking this activity. Well, he didn't scream, I wouldn't say that he loved it, but I don't think that he hated it. I'm sure we'll be making a few more trips so he can get used to the pool life for the Beach Trip coming up in July! David and Leslie bought Cooper his first Mickey Mouse, and he loves it, its amazing how even babies love Mickey. Cooper has a new trick, he likes to reach and take hold of things. Good example: he like to hold his toys that have been dangling from his car seat....bad example: he dumped my whole glass of water on me while out to eat. He also sat in his first High Chair, it didn't last long, and he's a little small for those, but pretty soon he'll rather be in that then his car seat while we're out to eat. Well as usual here are some pictures of this past week's happenings. Enjoy!

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