The Birthday Party.....

We had the birthday party, we had a lot of people, and I'm just glad my parents showed up at 10:45.....they handed me Starbucks and I handed over both of my children and their clothes. Then I changed out of my PJ's and into something more appropriate before guest arrived at 11:30! I was hoping for better weather, but we made the most of it and it was crowded, but I think everyone had a great time. We didn't play shoot Zurg or there's a snake in my boot (throwing plastic snakes into boots). Maybe too many games for that age, but the last thing I wanted was people to be bored. So here you have the party, thanks to my Dad for snapping some pics! Also, thanks to my mom for all her help, running to Wal Marts to secure Woody and Buzz apple juice, helping me cut out the banner, finding the characters for the cake....and bringing things I forgot....they also brought a bunch of balloons!

{the invite}

3.....{insert tears}

Well I can not believe 3 years ago we welcomed this little bundle of joy into our lives. He's such a fun, loving, encouranging, and too smart for his own good boy. He's changed so much, even from this summer. I really am so blessed I get to spend most everyday with him, and although some days I could go without seeing him. It melts my heart when he likes to "hold me" or "watch tv with me". Oh the things he says make me laugh everyday, and he knows how to try me, but I wouldn't give him back, he's the best! He'll always be my baby boy!

Tomorrow we are having a over the top big party bash......his friends from church are coming, all of them, so if I make it til Sunday I'll post all about it! Here goes nothing!

moving on......

Jeremy is moving on from coaching Seniors to an age that's a little more receptive.....
I took the kids up to "open gym" yesterday after they woke up from their naps. I've got a lot of pictures of Cooper shooting, but this was Maddie's first time. We figure start them young and they'll love the game.
Seriously though, Jeremy's season has come to an end. We knew that this year no matter what would be different then last year. We didn't know it would be so much bad different. I've contemplated blogging about all this several times, but it's always hard to know how much to say. Looking back I think that I should've kept a journal of everything. I bet it could've been a book, and I'm not kidding. So this is what I will say....and in honor of Valentine's Day my husband could use some bragging....he is taking me out to dinner for the first time ever on Valentine's Day (he has always cooked dinner on this fine holiday!)
So here it goes.......I am lucky to be married to such an even tempered man. I've seen my husband "take blame" for everything just so he could try to get these silly boys to move on and just play basketball. I've seen him keep his head up when 4 seniors and 1 junior quit basketball "because it's not fun" anymore. (or they aren't working hard, going to practice to get better, therefore they're not winning= not fun anymore) I've seen my husband accept apologies, only for the person to turn around and do the same thing, where it turns into a public embarrassment. Most importantly I've seen my husband turn to God in all this, read his Bible more, and pray more then probably ever in his life, when I'm sure a lot of men would've turned to a lot worse. All this to say, my husband is a good man, he put up with a lot, and I'm not saying he's perfect, but he just had higher expectations and was disappointed when those things didn't happen. I think after living here, we both have learned a lot, had a lot of fun, met some wonderful people (cause there are a few around here), but we grew a lot. He grew as a coach, I grew as a coach's wife (cause it's not easy people), we grew closer together, and most importantly we grew closer to God. So, we are ready for next year, we both know that it's all in God hands and he's got a purpose for us here, we'll find it and we'll make it nothin' but net. In the mean time we'll take our aggression out by vigorously training for another half marathon!

going bananas.....

 Maddie loves to eat a half banana for breakfast, she's bananas for bananas.....
the rest of us are going bananas from being stuck inside because of the snow.
We did go out a little bit last week, so no better way to start the 2nd round of snow days
(hopefully just day) then to blog about last week's snow days.

 Coop is all ready to go outside. His cowboy boots came in handy, he didn't want to
wear them, but they would be a lot better then his little converse shows or "bevo" crocs.

 Maddie loved the snow.....until she put her hand in it and tried to eat it.

 She went in for a morning nap after this happened.

 Coop tried to eat the snowman's nose.....he said it wasn't good. Then he
wanted to go 2 hours later Dad had finally shaped a snowman out of
very powdery snow. It warmed up a little and we got them back out to take a picture.

 This was the best one out of many, then Cooper lost interest.
Obviously he had a lot of interest in taking a picture to start with.

That's the end of the first snow adventure, we'll see what this next round holds.

It's no secret...

How I feel about Starbucks. The highlight of my day was getting this in the mail...

My very own gold card!! The lowlight of my day was remembering I didn't have a Starbucks to go to an use it at. What the card should say is "Thank You for spending an enormous amount of money at now know where all your excess money has been spent."
I should get a platinum card just because I was able to earn my gold card without living remotely close to a Starbucks. I can't decide if that is dedication or just really pathetic! The lesson for everyone is.....if you don't have your Starbucks Gift Cards registered, you should. I could have earned my gold card years ago....why register? Because after you've spent an average of $75 bucks, they'll reward you with a free drink! It's better then not getting one at all!

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