Fall Pics

A few weeks ago I thought I'd make Cooper stand by this tree in our front yard for me to take some "fallish" pictures of him. Well he hit his head on the tree, so that's where the nice red mark on his forehead is from, but really I thought the pics were to cute not to post up, he's got some funny faces. Obviously he didn't hit his head all that hard.

9 Month Well Baby

Cooper had his 9 month check up today:

weight: 20.5 lbs
height: 28.5 inches

For a baby people were pretty worried about he now measures from not even on the chart to 50% on both ends, well just under in height apparently. But I feel like he's taller then a lot of babies his age, oh well what do I know. I don't think his weight is right on cause a different nurse weighed him on the scale we don't normally use, and of course he had a lot of cloths on, but he's close to 20 lbs. Everything else is great! The doc always says he's a keeper!

Next Time Around

Well as you may noticed I updated our race ticker....only a little over 5 months until the Memorial Marathon and I say bring it on! I'm planning on doing just the half, however Jeremy may tackle the full. I think maybe it bothers him that I have done a full and he has not....and since I have done one, I will not be participating in this one again. Maybe someday...when I get real good at running....in the way distant future!

It is finished!

This picture is the last day of training....can't you tell Cooper loves training?
From half marathon

Before we get to the finish, this weekend was Jeremy's Birthday. So Friday night my parents and brothers, and sister Leslie came over for dinner. Saturday we got up and drove to Tulsa and did some shopping. Jeremy picked out some new basketball shoes and then we relaxed in the Hotel. We had dinner at Carrabara's Italin Grill to carb up for the 1/2 marathon. Well we finished, I have 4 blisters on my feet and even though a few hours ago I said I wouldn't ever do it again, you'll probably see me at the Memorial Marathon...but just the half again. Not quite ready to tackle another full yet. But for now I'll enjoy this week off and let my feet heal! Hope everyone had a good weekend!
From half marathon

Do you like Jazz?

The Lighthouse Medical Clinic is having a fundraiser this Sunday, the 16th. It is a Jazz tribute to Dizzy Gillepse. They are raising money to get a portable EKG machine,and they only need 176 more people to come at $25 to get the machine. But if you don't want to go, or can't come and would like to donate money to the cause I'm sure they would be more then grateful. You can go to www.lighthousemedicalclinic.org for more information. The tickets are $15 and $25 each. So if you're interested or know anyone who might be, pass along the word! Oh and the concert is at OC at 2:00 p.m.

34 weeks

It's been a busy couple of weeks, we had the Baby Dedication at church, as you can see below Cooper loves his Bible! This weekend was Homecoming at OC....we didn't go to many events on Saturday, which says a lot about a past Homecoming director. Yukon had a scrimmage all morning, and I needed to run, then we had the Yukon basketball bash in Yukon, so it was still a busy day. I did manage to squeeze in the Theta 40th Anniversary dinner Friday which was fun, and I got to see a lot of old friends. Also, the Warriors came into town and we all went to Chili's for dinner last night. I think Lydia about gave us all a heart attack when she was being nice and gave Cooper a chip to eat...he did pretty well with it, but coughed a lot. Luckily Jeni was right there should anything have happened (she's a nurse, so nice to have around). So the question of the day is do our children look like a boy or a girl because we know that's what they are, is it really that hard to tell? This comes from having to take a family picture at the Yukon deal, the photographer kept calling Cooper a girl...he does not look like a girl and was wearing nothing girly. So I'm interested to see what other people think about that, or do you have a story about that situation. Hope everyone has a great week!

Halloween (33 weeks)

Well here is the Halloween Costume....obviously he hated the hat...oh well, he'll come running if you shine the light!

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