9 Month Well Baby

Cooper had his 9 month check up today:

weight: 20.5 lbs
height: 28.5 inches

For a baby people were pretty worried about he now measures from not even on the chart to 50% on both ends, well just under in height apparently. But I feel like he's taller then a lot of babies his age, oh well what do I know. I don't think his weight is right on cause a different nurse weighed him on the scale we don't normally use, and of course he had a lot of cloths on, but he's close to 20 lbs. Everything else is great! The doc always says he's a keeper!


The Warriors said...

Go Cooper!!

Macy said...

Michelle, Thanks for commenting for me. Glad to have your blog info. Way to go on your run. We may do the Cowtown here in Fort Worth in the Spring. I am sticking with halves for a while too.

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