It is finished!

This picture is the last day of training....can't you tell Cooper loves training?
From half marathon

Before we get to the finish, this weekend was Jeremy's Birthday. So Friday night my parents and brothers, and sister Leslie came over for dinner. Saturday we got up and drove to Tulsa and did some shopping. Jeremy picked out some new basketball shoes and then we relaxed in the Hotel. We had dinner at Carrabara's Italin Grill to carb up for the 1/2 marathon. Well we finished, I have 4 blisters on my feet and even though a few hours ago I said I wouldn't ever do it again, you'll probably see me at the Memorial Marathon...but just the half again. Not quite ready to tackle another full yet. But for now I'll enjoy this week off and let my feet heal! Hope everyone had a good weekend!
From half marathon


Ginny said...

I'm so proud of you!

Morgandi said...

That is really awesome, Michelle! That is not an easy feat. I'm very impressed with the two of you.

Suzanne said...

Yea! I'm proud of you too!

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