Cooper's 5th Birthday!!

Cooper turned 5 yesterday, 5.....yes I'm still letting that one sink in! I honestly wasn't planning on doing much, just taking cupcakes to school on his birthday. The teachers conveniently make that his snack day and you're able to bring sweets on that day! Well then he started talking about his birthday party, who he wanted to invite and all that sort of stuff. Then I started to feel bad, knowing we'd have a party for Kellyn here in 2 weeks, yes 2 weeks! Of course the week before his birthday he got an all class invite to another girls birthday, so I was really on top of my planning game. We had decided we'd do a surprise party for him, because thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse he always talks about a surprise party, jumping out and saying surprise. We scheduled it for his birthday, which was on  Monday, knowing we wouldn't have games even if we were hopefully still playing, which we're not. But then Saturday we changed it to Sunday night since the blizzard was supposed to hit us pretty hard on Monday and my parents wouldn't be able to come. So his first surprise was my parents and Mama Jo and Papa Staff came up to go eat dinner with us. (Newkirk COC got a special treat cause Papa preached off the cuff Sunday night!) Then we went to Chili's in Ponca City while all the guest arrived at our house. Jeremy and I left dinner before my everyone so we could watch him come in. His request was mostly some high school kids and they were so sweet to come to his party and were pretty excited about it. He was funny, I wish I could load the video up, but I don't want to set up a You Tube account. He said, oh what did you do this for, and it's everyone I invited to my party. When it was all said and done, he said it was awesome. So I guess after all my worries, I did throw him just the party he wanted!

These are the cupcakes he wanted for school and the crown that he wore from his teacher! No idea why the pic is the wrong way....

Hopefully you can tell what the cupcakes are.....Holly's mouth isn't real pretty, but it was super late when I finished these on Sunday!


This past weekend since we were playing on the far side of Tulsa I thought it would be nice to make a day out of it. So I took the kids early and we visited my college BFF and her 3 kids. We haven't seen each other in years. It was great for our 6 kids to play and for us to reconnect!
We hope to do this a lot more!

Valentine's Day

I know I'm a few days past Valentine's day, but with basketball playoffs beginning things are crazy! Jeremy and I jointly decided to go small for Valentine's Day this year, no date, no big gifts (He did buy me some roses, bring home Starbucks and chocolate, which is more then enough!)

So I decided the kids and I would decorate the dining room and we'd have a Valentine's dinner. First the girls and I went to Cooper's school party, cause he felt like he needed us to come.

These were his Valentine's that I got off Pinterest.....

Maddie always sits at this little table when we go to his class, and she doesn't move. It's pretty funny, I guess it's cause all the other kids are sitting down. His teachers always say well she's just ready for school.

Our decorated dining room for the steakhouse dinner at home!

Chocolate covered strawberries. The strawberries were big and beautiful. The best dipped ones I've ever made!

To top all of that off we had a chocolate brownie, chocolate pudding, parfait. Where I unsuccessfully attempted to dip the cups in chocolate. But the parfait was yummy!

To wrap the weekend up the boys came over for a pre-playoff fajita dinner on Friday night and then we went to Verdigris to watch them come oh so close to a major upset. But we'll take losing by 6 to the #4 ranked team in the state and use it as motivation this weekend to win 3 in a row! We made another side trip which I'll blog about later! So it looks like all my other blogger friends had a great valentine's day!

Oh Pinterest......

So Cooper needs a Valentine box for school. So I typed in Valentine Box on Pinterest and let him look at it. There was a Thomas box so that's what he picked out. I took all the kids to Hobby Lobby and we bought stuff to attempt to construct a Thomas box. It only took me about 6 hours to complete. When foam glue lets you tape is a beautiful replacement. So here is the finished product, the face opens for Valentines! This is dedicated to duck tape, without it this box would not have happened!

We might be down......

but we're not out! From time to time I have people look at me like I'm crazy because, yes, I go to a lot of basketball games. This week my mom was so nice to make some towels for the Senior boys and managers. Senior night was on Monday, so she and my Dad drove the towels up here, had every intention of going to the game, but Cooper and Maddie were sick. (We had that nice little stomach bug at our house!) They stayed with all the kids so I could go to the game. Monday night's game was not so great, and it looked like we were going down a road we didn't want to revisit. So after a little strategy change, and some advice from a former player, practices ran good and things were looking up. Although the stomach bug is flying around town and 3 of Jeremy's main players were out most of the week, 2 were back for the last home game of the season last night. We were playing a team that had only been beaten 1 time, the first time we played them they drilled us. (I confess I wasn't at this game.) The first quarter didn't look so good, like we were down by 20 looking bad. But slowly and surely the boys finally played their game, kept their attitudes in check, and at halftime we were only down by maybe 10. After staying strong in the 3rd quarter (which we call the 3rd quarter curse cause it's so bad normally), Cooper's hero hit a buzzer shot to send the game into over time. All that being said, that is why I go to so many games, I would've been sick to not witness that. I love how the guy behind me kept talking about how their team was getting "out coached", makes me so proud of my husband! (I sit behind the bench at home games because they have a couple of rows with a modified back and it's easier to corral my kids.) It was so great to see the boys get so excited about the game, and even after 2 boys fouled out, they held it together to pull out an OT WIN. Typically Jeremy is not a fan of much celebration, but the students stormed the court and it was so exciting, and to be honest, it was a great way to go into next week. One more regular season game, then off to playoffs we go. So we might be down, but don't count us out! "Here we come to get you....."

(These pics are not from last night, but still some of my favs!)

Kellyn is over this.....

Kellyn is over doing the monthly picture thing with the stickers......I even had to order new stickers because Cooper and Maddie found her last 3 stickers and ruined them. I just couldn't give up what I already started, so her 10 month pictures might be closer to 11 months. Just roll with me, we're still busy around here.

See told you, totally over this.....

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