Valentine's Day

I know I'm a few days past Valentine's day, but with basketball playoffs beginning things are crazy! Jeremy and I jointly decided to go small for Valentine's Day this year, no date, no big gifts (He did buy me some roses, bring home Starbucks and chocolate, which is more then enough!)

So I decided the kids and I would decorate the dining room and we'd have a Valentine's dinner. First the girls and I went to Cooper's school party, cause he felt like he needed us to come.

These were his Valentine's that I got off Pinterest.....

Maddie always sits at this little table when we go to his class, and she doesn't move. It's pretty funny, I guess it's cause all the other kids are sitting down. His teachers always say well she's just ready for school.

Our decorated dining room for the steakhouse dinner at home!

Chocolate covered strawberries. The strawberries were big and beautiful. The best dipped ones I've ever made!

To top all of that off we had a chocolate brownie, chocolate pudding, parfait. Where I unsuccessfully attempted to dip the cups in chocolate. But the parfait was yummy!

To wrap the weekend up the boys came over for a pre-playoff fajita dinner on Friday night and then we went to Verdigris to watch them come oh so close to a major upset. But we'll take losing by 6 to the #4 ranked team in the state and use it as motivation this weekend to win 3 in a row! We made another side trip which I'll blog about later! So it looks like all my other blogger friends had a great valentine's day!


OK Chick said...

You made VDay very special for your family. I like the idea of having a special meal.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

LOVE IT! You remind me so much of my sis-in-law! She's awesome with every holiday.

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