Date Night

For my birthday my parents gave me tickets to see Norah Jones, she's been a longtime favorite of mine. Spent several study sessions listening to her music, so relaxing and soothing! So we are at Smoke. On Cherry Street before. They've got bacon yeah go there, it's worth the trip!

That's a jalapeƱo bernaise sauce for my steak....need I say more? It was all so delicious! You always know if there aren't salt and pepper shakers on the table, it's going to be good! Norah Jones didn't disappoint either. Her concerts are so nice and laid back, where you just sit and listen like you're at a piano bar on a larger scale. Her voice is that good! I saw her several years ago in NYC, and she was just as good then as she is now!

Catch Up

I haven't blogged in a while....just not to much going on. I know there is always a lot going on with 4 kids and basketball has started for the younger kids, but not to many blog worthy happenings. Porter doesn't do Halloween at school (which I loved!) So we played it down this year, no costumes, no trick-or-treating. We invited a few families from church over and I did a scavenger hunt for the kids around the yard they did with flashlights. It was a nice laid back, fun party! Our kids didn't even miss the costumes, other parties, or trick-or-treating! So I figure to get caught up I'll just post some recent photos!

I forgot Jeremy and I did manage a blog worthy date I'll dedicate a post to that later!

Weekend Visitor!

A couple of weeks ago Colby came to visit us in Porter! (She beat Granddad to Porter!) It was a great weekend for her to come. The girls cheered at the football game, because they had clinic all week. Luckily Colby caught it on video for me! I barely got any good pictures of Maddie cause she was on the back row, the camera just wanted to put Kellyn in focus! They were so cute! Kellyn thought the clinic was really boring, and Monday I thought Maddie was going to cry cause she didn't have cheer practice anymore!

 On Saturday after resting up we went to the Pumpkin Patch at Livesay Orchard. Which is right around the corner from us. For $4 a person you can play all sorts of games and go on a hayride to one of the pumpkin patches. It wasn't real crowded cause we went later on in the day. Which is perfect since we only could stay about 1.5 hours since they closed at 5. The kids had been asking to go because we drive by it all the time. Now it's so busy there, everytime I drive by they're directing me to turn in. I try to avoid it, especially during the weekdays, in the mornings when the schools are there. So crazy! We are so glad Colby came to visit. We topped off her visit to treating her to a Mexican Lunch at Los Cabos, which I highly recommend!

Frozen on Ice!

When the Oklahoma State Fair announced Frozen on Ice would be coming I bought presale tickets. Feeling very on top of my game I purchased these tickets months ago.... When we lived in Newkirk, when we were staying in Newkirk....which is equal distance to OKC and Tulsa. When we moved to Porter there weren't many tickets left. So we made a little trip for our "surprise" for the kids after Cooper's soccer game. Since we get Tulsa local channels there wasn't a lot of Frozen on Ice commercials which allowed us to keep it a surprise. We got to meet up with David, Leslie, and Charlie for dinner at the fair! I had some yummy chicken and waffles, and fried banana pudding!

Then on to Frozen on Ice, which I think everyone was excited about (even Cooper had a good time, but you'd never get him to admit it!)

That last picture was taken after we left the gates to use the closest porta potty....and right before my
phone died. Luckily Jeremy was in line to pick up our stroller and I was able to text him where we were. He may have got the text, but he also may have forgotten which gate we came in. (The one closest to the arena!) So here are some valuable lessons to learn, and hopefully when you go to the fair you won't be waiting by the car for an hour!
1. Don't forget where you park.
2. Make sure both phones are fully charged.
3. At the fair gates your ticket can be scanned and it'll tell you where you came in.
4. Strangers in OK will be kind enough to let you borrow a phone....of course this is only helpful when the other phone is charged as well!
5. Bring 2 sets of keys to your car.
6. Stay together!
7. Don't forget where you parked. (I know I already said that, but it's probably most important!)

The best line of the night goes to Cooper, who was wearing his Batman shirt "Mom, if your phone was charged you could just shine the flashlight on my shirt and it would reflect up in the sky....then Dad would know where to come!" If only it was that simple!!!

My birthday!

I'm officially another year older....I feel like I needed a few weeks for this to sink in! But in reality I had a great day and I wish it was my birthday everyday! My mom and Brittany came to meet me for coffee in Tulsa! They kicked off the day with some lovely gifts!

How cute is that filled cake stand? It doesn't stay full for long around here! I can't wait to see Norah Jones in a few weeks! Then Jeremy took my out to Mi Concina....a trendy tex-me place in Tulsa, the food was awesome! I'd highly recommend checking it out!

Then instead of a movie we went bed shopping! Which after looking around I decided I could probably make a head board for at least half as much as the less expensive ones. My dear friend Jodi agreed so finally last week my dreams came true!


After: (I'm still on the hunt for some more pillows!)

So here's to my family, for making my day great!!

Ballet & Soccer!

Cooper really wanted to play soccer this year. Since he sat out last year we signed him up. He's playing up a league so mostly it's all good practice!

This year since Tulsa is closer to is we decided to move Maddie to the Tulsa Ballet Center for Education (it was a harder decision then it probably should've been, and we miss Miss Lisa dearly!) Kellyn was very excited to learn that she could take classes there as well. Their classes were back to back Wednesday and Saturday. So we rush real quick after school on Wednesday to get them there! But it's a good ballet school and I'd take the hour and half round trip over the 4 hour round trip!

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