Staying home....

After trying to figure out how to squeeze visits in during a 3 day time span I decided maybe it was best to stay home at Thanksgiving. We both invited our families over for the Holiday and I offered to cook; neither of them choose to come so we enjoyed a super fast week at home! Porter is out of school for the entire week, however basketball only takes a 3 day break. Cooper kicked off his break with a birthday party at Main Event. Since Jeremy was scrimmaging all day a girl from church came with me and I let the other kids play games while
Cooper enjoyed the party!

We did some picking up....or trying on jewelry....

And these girls thought they'd try out being hairdressers. On the bright side Drew got the worst of it so he got a buzz cut...

Instantly aging him to a toddler out of his baby stage!
We made a trip to see Santa. I was excited the kids wanted to go cause they didn't last year!

I made Maddie's wish for a pink tree come true! The boys have a green one in their room, didn't want them to be jealous!

On Thursday Kellyn was throughly disappointed we weren't attending the NYC Parade. (She's a girl after my own heart!) I set out to make a Thanksgiving feast to make up for Maddie's unpleasant school feast experience! My kids might be spoiled by taking their lunch everyday! It all turned out delicious!

(Kellyn now wants to use the fancy plates all the time!)

Friday we visited Jayna at the nail salon to catch up with her!

We closed out the break with our Frozen sugar cookie castle! Our gingerbread village but the dust before it even got started, those tiny houses weren't going to stay together! (Yes I know Kellyn doesn't have a shirt on, she rarely does at home!)

Cooper ate all the pumpkin pie....then put the pan back under the cake stand, I laughed every time I saw it!

Although we didn't see is my calendar for this week! So my proof why we needed some downtime at home!

Yep, that's something every night this week!!!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

All I can say is Drew did get instantly older! Busy, fun times!

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