Safety Fair

We missed touch a this is the next best thing. Safety Fair at Walmart. I only knew about this because my good friend's boyfriend is a fireman in Edmond; he was working and we took him a drink since it was 90 plus today! Cooper loved the firetrucks, so these pictures are for Stephen, Jeremy's brother who is a fireman in Texas. We've never taken Cooper to the station when Stephen is working when we visit in Texas, but as soon as he understands what he does, I see a lot of trips there!

In the truck

Trying on a helmet, they said they were worried it might stunt his growth.

This little fire truck was sitting out, Cooper walked right behind it and started posing for pictures...I have no idea who taught him how to do that.

Family Pic Needed

The worst thing about doing photography for a living is, I hate absolutely hate getting my picture made...after Cooper woke up from his nap this morning we went to scout out a location for a shoot I have tomorrow morning, of course I took my camera a long cause I've got the cutest little model, if only he would do what he's told. I used to take self portraits of my when I shot in cities around the world, here is our self portrait of the day, and he is laughing, not crying because I am tickling him!

Baby Jackson

Now for the newest member of our family...and I know some people out there probably think it is funny that we're so excited about having another cousin, but my cousins are more like brothers and sisters to me since we're all close, so really even though I'm not an aunt, I feel like one! Congrats Jenny and Ross, and we're so excited Jackson is here and healthy...he and Cooper are going to be tearing things up soon!

we only got to see him through the window last night....

this morning Cooper and I went back to see him, he's so little like Cooper used to be!


I didn't know COC had Clergy....but apparently he does have a sticker. On a more serious note about my grandparents, and several other members of the family (like my brother and dad), are leaving tomorrow to go to the "Holy Lands" for 2 weeks, so please be praying for their safety!

This is what I get....

This cousin went into labor yesterday, we had maternity pics scheduled in 2 weeks....but guess the baby had different plans for us. We ran to Lake Hefner (since it is so close to Mercy) to shoot a couple of pictures before Baby Jackson gets here today! (Pray for them, his due date is July 2nd...) Jenny is literally in labor during this picture...such a trooper!

(this is not the maternity session I had planned for her and Ross, but we made the best of it!)

This was the first email I opened this morning:

That cousin better run....cause I'm pretty such when Dad sees this he won't be happy. Guess that's what happens when you leave your baby longer at your mom's and a bunch of college kids come to eat dinner. I think it is hilarious!

Busy Day

conversations with Dad, if we only knew what he was saying

"new to him" wagon

Cooper, you don't need to put your hand in the yogurt

first 2009 swim, he likes this a lot better then last year

making his dad proud

at the zoo with the gorilla, Cooper sleeps with a gorilla

I love this picture
(and if you're wondering, I matched Cooper to his dad yesterday...such a sneaky mom)

This weekend there was....

work at the GYM....

a cAnDY table at the wedding....

yummy wedding CAkE


So close

to the TV is where he likes to lay...on the hard wood floor. Not in his chair, either of the 2 couches, or the rug, the wood floor.

How Sweet It is!

I even got Jeremy out to a game, but it was all well worth the 2, 40 minute halves, 2, 10 minute sudden death periods, and the 5 player shoot out where SFHS keeper blocked 2 and Drew made the last one to bring home the state title! GO WOLVES!

Baby Exercise

Who needs a CHAIR?

(we had to pick him up, just like this and move him to a seat at Starbucks this morning, awesome!)

Baking with a 1 year old...

Since I don't cook enough, yesterday I made THIS from Pioneer Woman. I turned my head for 1 second and found this:
NOTE: He did not climb on the counter himself, I put him there because its just easier then him screaming and crying while tugging on my shirt to see. I am aware that he could fall; but obviously he was completely satisfied with licking the batter, like every normal kid is.

The photo I missed was Cooper grabbing (by handfuls) the cake mix out of the pan.

So, if you don't click on the link, I was making her Strawberry Shortcake Cake, it was good and I didn't take a picture because mine didn't look as good as hers. I don't think I let the cake cool long enough, but it cooled for at least an hour. Anyways, it was good, but super rich-the icing was super rich, and I was desperately missing some whipped cream. But the cake was delicious! So next time I make this, I think I'll serve it with whipped cream.

Week's Best Soccer Picture

Tuesday I enjoyed another exciting night of high school soccer. I still could not convince my husband to join me, so he stayed home with the baby, which is great because it was very windy and drizziling the whole night. But...Santa Fe's team won again, which means they're playing in the state finals on Saturday! I'm so excited for them, they won after regualtion, double over time, and a 9 player shoot-out, which makes for 1 exciting game! Here's the best pic of the night, drizziling doesn't make for the best pictures!

Celebration after 1st goal!Doesn't this make you miss high school sports, just a little bit?

Lion King

For Christmas we got tickets to the Lion King, so we all went to the matinee on Saturday. I have a HUGE love for musicals. I lived in NYC for 9 weeks and saw 13 musicals! I think this comes from my parents always bringing window cards back from their many trips they used to take to NYC. So when I heard Lion King was coming, I really wanted to go, and I wanted Cooper to go. I figured he'd like seeing all the animals, and he did. It's a good thing I convinced my roommate in NY to buy tickets from a scalper in Times Square to go to the show, cause I would've missed a lot. Cooper fought his sleep, all the way til Mufasa shows back up in the stars, then he was out. He kept pointing at the animals, so in all, he enjoyed it, and so did we!

If you're wondering if I have window cards from my performances, I do! I buy one at every show I go to, where ever I see it. I only have 3 up in our house, but someday I'll hang more up!


these showed up I think Thursday...aren't they pretty?

not to be outdone

After my husband went to hit golf balls on Saturday morning he came back with that.
2 thoughts:
1. Maybe I embellished a little on the new ice cream, he read that post.
2. I'm impressed he even knew what to order for me, when we go together I have to tell him multiple times what I want, and 9 out of 10 times is a Non-fat Caramel Mocchiato.

So major props to him....glad Mother's Day comes around once a year! Now, I just need to convince Starbucks to make non-fat ice cream...

one love to another

My whole photography career started by taking pictures of soccer. In my opinion soccer is the best sport to take pictures of. Why? Because you get priceless moments. Cooper's BFF Drew not only plays basketball, but is a very talented soccer player. I love watching soccer because it's what I know. I played my Freshman year of high school, then quit because ironically I hated all the running. My brother, however, played soccer from the age of about 12 until he gave it up at OC to focus on school. Since I couldn't drag Jeremy to the soccer game, he's just not into it, and I would get in trouble if I showed up without Cooper, Beth, Ashley, and Beth's parents took turns entertaining Cooper, and I shot the game for them. They won 2-1, in double over time, that's 90 minutes of soccer people, which is a long time. But, I wouldn't change a thing because I caught moments like this...

Drew's goal before half time to tie it up, he actually scored another one, but it was called back.

State Semi's Here we come!! So now they are in the top 4 of the state!
Hopefully these pictures, and the other 300 plus I took will make up for entertaining Cooper late into the night!

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