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Today for lunch Cooper and I picked up some Pita Pit! When I visited Orange Tree the first time (if anyone ever wants to go there I'll totally be willing to sacrifice time to go with you) they had their menus out. This place in on 9th, between Broadway and Boulevard. I really like trying out new places, especially in Edmond, because I think it is important to the community to grow. Those people across whatever is going in by Spring Creek can argue with me all they want, but the less I have to leave Edmond to shop, eat, and enjoy my life, the better. (Especially with a 1 year old in tow!) Anyway, for a little over $10, I had a grilled chicken pita with lettuce, tomatoes, and secret sauce, and Coop had the Quesa-pita. I really enjoyed it, so I'll probably go back after I save up some money. It's not like going to Mickey-D's where we both can eat for about $5! Check them out! They are right across the street from "The Rocket Ship Park" so you can grap lunch there and let your kids run crazy at the park, there isn't a better combination!


the.fortes said...

Cooper has amazing blue eyes! He is such a cutie! Just thought I would mention it:)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

My daughter gets home from college soon and will love it - she went on a Greece study trip for her graduation gift last summer and now claims to be a gyro fan!

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