This is what I get....

This cousin went into labor yesterday, we had maternity pics scheduled in 2 weeks....but guess the baby had different plans for us. We ran to Lake Hefner (since it is so close to Mercy) to shoot a couple of pictures before Baby Jackson gets here today! (Pray for them, his due date is July 2nd...) Jenny is literally in labor during this picture...such a trooper!

(this is not the maternity session I had planned for her and Ross, but we made the best of it!)

This was the first email I opened this morning:

That cousin better run....cause I'm pretty such when Dad sees this he won't be happy. Guess that's what happens when you leave your baby longer at your mom's and a bunch of college kids come to eat dinner. I think it is hilarious!

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Ryan and Katie said...

Wow!! I can't believe she thought to take pics! Keep us updated on how their doing...I'll keep them in my prayers!

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