Week's Best Soccer Picture

Tuesday I enjoyed another exciting night of high school soccer. I still could not convince my husband to join me, so he stayed home with the baby, which is great because it was very windy and drizziling the whole night. But...Santa Fe's team won again, which means they're playing in the state finals on Saturday! I'm so excited for them, they won after regualtion, double over time, and a 9 player shoot-out, which makes for 1 exciting game! Here's the best pic of the night, drizziling doesn't make for the best pictures!

Celebration after 1st goal!Doesn't this make you miss high school sports, just a little bit?

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Very cool...is that Drew again? Weston played on a team with him back in elementary school and he was incredible then! I loved watching him zigzag through the players to score!

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