Baby Jackson

Now for the newest member of our family...and I know some people out there probably think it is funny that we're so excited about having another cousin, but my cousins are more like brothers and sisters to me since we're all close, so really even though I'm not an aunt, I feel like one! Congrats Jenny and Ross, and we're so excited Jackson is here and healthy...he and Cooper are going to be tearing things up soon!

we only got to see him through the window last night....

this morning Cooper and I went back to see him, he's so little like Cooper used to be!


Ryan and Katie said...

He's so cute!! I'm glad he is doing well for being early! Thanks for calling last night--sorry I couldn't talk long. We need to do lunch soon so I can get Cooper that bday present that is STILL sitting on my counter. Ben wants to play with it everytime he is over and I have to tell him it's not his :(

Wa Wa Waughs said...

He is adorable! Thanks for the pics!

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