Safety Fair

We missed touch a this is the next best thing. Safety Fair at Walmart. I only knew about this because my good friend's boyfriend is a fireman in Edmond; he was working and we took him a drink since it was 90 plus today! Cooper loved the firetrucks, so these pictures are for Stephen, Jeremy's brother who is a fireman in Texas. We've never taken Cooper to the station when Stephen is working when we visit in Texas, but as soon as he understands what he does, I see a lot of trips there!

In the truck

Trying on a helmet, they said they were worried it might stunt his growth.

This little fire truck was sitting out, Cooper walked right behind it and started posing for pictures...I have no idea who taught him how to do that.


boom trucks said...

Great pictures.. cute little kiddo around the truck... :)

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Adorable pics!!!

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