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My whole photography career started by taking pictures of soccer. In my opinion soccer is the best sport to take pictures of. Why? Because you get priceless moments. Cooper's BFF Drew not only plays basketball, but is a very talented soccer player. I love watching soccer because it's what I know. I played my Freshman year of high school, then quit because ironically I hated all the running. My brother, however, played soccer from the age of about 12 until he gave it up at OC to focus on school. Since I couldn't drag Jeremy to the soccer game, he's just not into it, and I would get in trouble if I showed up without Cooper, Beth, Ashley, and Beth's parents took turns entertaining Cooper, and I shot the game for them. They won 2-1, in double over time, that's 90 minutes of soccer people, which is a long time. But, I wouldn't change a thing because I caught moments like this...

Drew's goal before half time to tie it up, he actually scored another one, but it was called back.

State Semi's Here we come!! So now they are in the top 4 of the state!
Hopefully these pictures, and the other 300 plus I took will make up for entertaining Cooper late into the night!

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