Lion King

For Christmas we got tickets to the Lion King, so we all went to the matinee on Saturday. I have a HUGE love for musicals. I lived in NYC for 9 weeks and saw 13 musicals! I think this comes from my parents always bringing window cards back from their many trips they used to take to NYC. So when I heard Lion King was coming, I really wanted to go, and I wanted Cooper to go. I figured he'd like seeing all the animals, and he did. It's a good thing I convinced my roommate in NY to buy tickets from a scalper in Times Square to go to the show, cause I would've missed a lot. Cooper fought his sleep, all the way til Mufasa shows back up in the stars, then he was out. He kept pointing at the animals, so in all, he enjoyed it, and so did we!

If you're wondering if I have window cards from my performances, I do! I buy one at every show I go to, where ever I see it. I only have 3 up in our house, but someday I'll hang more up!

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