L&B Yarn Co.

I'd like to take some time to highlight L&B Yarn Co; if you like to knit or want to learn how to knit give them a call or go by their store in Norman. I know it's a little bit of a drive, but it is totally worth it. My sister-in-law Leslie owns this store, and I'm just so proud of her. She is an amazing knitter. She just started doing this a few years ago and has made Cooper a pair of adorable socks, his favorite blanket, and this sweater that looks like I bought it in a baby boutique, she's amazing and if she can teach me how to knit she can teach anyone! Just look at the little pocket and hood. Check them out!


I don't think I could add anything more to this picture:

Ski Trip

I know you've been anxiously awaiting pictures from our trip, but as you can imagine I had a few hundred to go through. Plus getting our house back together, all the laundry, work, I could go on and on, so here is how Cooper's first ski trip went:

This is the last night, they do a torch run, this is down a black slope, so these skiiers are way better then I ever hope to be!
Here is Cooper with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Bear, he loved him!

Cooper thinks he is so big cause he climbed up the stairs at our condo.

Tough day skiing, Cooper went down the mountain, I skiied all day, and Jeremy twisted his knee getting off the ski lift....he's better now.

Here is Cooper on the first day of skiing, he looks bored out of his mind!

Climbing the stairs again, it was his favorite thing to do!

Cooper and myself after his first ski!

" Um, Grandpa, you want me do to what?!?"

(Can I say I'm posting this after 10:00 on a Saturday, Jeremy, Cooper, and the dog are all still asleep in our room...strange)

I may be little...BUT

I ski with the big boys!

more from Red River later!

Live from Red River!

My mom got bit by the travel bug, luckily we were invited along, so we made a last minute (like we decided to go about a week ago, maybe a little more then that) forever long drive to Red River!

The weather is beautiful and it is Jeremy's first time skiing, obviously someone is staying with Cooper, but apparently he's skiing tomorrow, so I'll be sure to update on how that goes.

The Family

Jeremy coming down the slope

Cooper and I found a park...yes I know his nose is nasty, you're welcome to try to wipe it....

tour of my home

Yesterday I came home from work to finish out my daily chores...cleaning the kitchen, laundry, run, cook dinner, blog about it...oh and there is that vacation I need to pack for. To my surprise as I was hand washing some dishes I asked Jeremy, "Is that the dryer running?" My husband enthusiastically replied, "yes, I was hoping I'd be done before you came home, that's the 3rd load of laundry for today" then in every woman's dream he says, "let me take you on a little tour" Where he showed me how he folded and put away the other loads, emptied all the trash cans, did some organizing in the office, and picked our room up, the bed was even made! I felt like he deserved a little bragging on...it's not everyday your husband has off, stays home with the baby, and actually does somethings around the house. I won't even complain about how I can't find my clothes he put away.

Hangin Tough...

and that they are, with all the RIGHT STUFF! So Monday night I drove to Tulsa with Crislyn and Amy to meet Ginny to attend the New Kids on the Block Concert. I might still be recovering from the late night and standing up screaming and singing all night, but oh totally worth it. At least I wasn't crying like the girls behind us. You all know you wish you would've come, so don't judge me. They still sounded good, they still dance good, the only difference is instead of girls 9-17ish going crazy for them, women 25-40 are screaming, dancing, and dragging their husbands to see them. (Obviously I didn't drag mine, I know much better then that!)Well if you saw on facebook, I couldn't even hear after the show, that's when you know it was good, and I'm proud to say, they were impressed, or so they said on their website, they didn't want to leave the stage. Here's a little taste of what I saw! Good thing they aren't NSYNC...cause you all would be sick of the thousands of pictures I'd have of them, because I'm not ashamed, I would, I love them, still do, and I am wishing and praying for an NSYNC reunion, ask and you shall receive! (I know he probably wasn't talking about an NSYNC reunion)

Cooper and his gals!

We took Cooper to his first Spring Sing Show Thursday night. We told our adopted girls we'd come watch them. I have always loved Spring Sing, it might be stressful but seriously it's the best time. Some of my best memories are from Spring Sing. Like the time I started dating this guy...exactly 6 years ago today! Well long story short, I married him! Cooper isn't going to marry any of these girls, but maybe he'll find his true love through Spring Sing!

I'll always bleed blue for Theta Theta Theta....but today we'll say Go Go Go Gamma Rho! Can you tell how tired that boy is....he didn't make it til their show, he finally feel asleep, what I don't get is he stayed up for the entire basketball game we went to last night, go figure.

A thought...

I was watching one of my favorite tv shows last night, and as I was watching I thought, If I worked as hard as she does, my house would be in order, my 1 child wouldn't be sat in front of the tv so much, and the laundry would be caught up.

That's right, I should work as hard as Kate Gosselin. You might love her or hate her, but you have to admit, for having 8 kids, she is pretty well put together. It helps that she and her husband works from home most of the time, she has written at least book, so its not like she's just sitting at home all day. But her kids are, in my opinion, well behaved, her house is always clean, she cooks good and healthy meals for them, and she also does a lot of educational activities with them. They never seem to watch TV. In my defense, my son has graduated to this:

Now I enjoy this show loads more then Baby Einsteins that he used to watch. (I meant to say still watches and loves) Our DVR records it on a regular basis, I love this show because it teaches about art aned famous music composers. I can't have my kid just loving basketball, so this is my chance to make him have a love for art and music as well. So when he starts talking and singing crazy words to world famous music, you'll know why.

Back to my original thought, I only have 1 kid, not 8, I never look as put together as Kate, my house is never as clean....however I don't have a TV crew filming me everyday, I'm sure that's a little motivation. So if anyone would like to follow me around with a camera and broadcast my life to the world, I welcome them, maybe I can keep up with Kate!




Which is it?!?

The Birthday Party

Surely I'm not the only mother out there that wore herself out planning her kids first Birthday party...all something they won't ever remember. I got on this kick a while back about wanting Cooper to have a Basketball Cake, like an actual ball, well 4th times a charm, I practiced this thing 3 times before last week, and with the help of my mother drawing the lines on it, it came out perfectly. All to be looked at by my son like you expect me to eat this? Over all I continue to be overwhelmed by the amazing generosity of our family and friends, Cooper has more toys then he will ever play with, so seriously, send you kids to my house, maybe the bubble truck won't make them cry. We were also so glad that some of Jeremy's family could come up for the big event. A huge thanks to my mom and dad for getting their house ready and keeping Cooper occupied while I decorated and for getting our son a car for his first birthday, he sure will be disappointed on his 16th! (Unless you'd like to buy him a car then too!) Also before the pics...
Dear Church League Basketball,
Next season please get your schedule right. Let the last game be scheduled at 1:30 like the printed, handed out, schedule says and not schedule my husband to play 3 games on the day of our son's first birthday party. Yes, I realize he could've missed his last game that started at 2:30 before his 3:30 party appointment, but seriously have you met my husband!
Michelle...sorry I had to get that one off my chest, and now for the slideshow!

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