A thought...

I was watching one of my favorite tv shows last night, and as I was watching I thought, If I worked as hard as she does, my house would be in order, my 1 child wouldn't be sat in front of the tv so much, and the laundry would be caught up.

That's right, I should work as hard as Kate Gosselin. You might love her or hate her, but you have to admit, for having 8 kids, she is pretty well put together. It helps that she and her husband works from home most of the time, she has written at least book, so its not like she's just sitting at home all day. But her kids are, in my opinion, well behaved, her house is always clean, she cooks good and healthy meals for them, and she also does a lot of educational activities with them. They never seem to watch TV. In my defense, my son has graduated to this:

Now I enjoy this show loads more then Baby Einsteins that he used to watch. (I meant to say still watches and loves) Our DVR records it on a regular basis, I love this show because it teaches about art aned famous music composers. I can't have my kid just loving basketball, so this is my chance to make him have a love for art and music as well. So when he starts talking and singing crazy words to world famous music, you'll know why.

Back to my original thought, I only have 1 kid, not 8, I never look as put together as Kate, my house is never as clean....however I don't have a TV crew filming me everyday, I'm sure that's a little motivation. So if anyone would like to follow me around with a camera and broadcast my life to the world, I welcome them, maybe I can keep up with Kate!


Gena said...

And you don't have nannies, housekeepers, TV networks, and scores of other people volunteering to send your family around the globe every other week. You are working harder, I'm sure. :) I do like watching sometimes, though. And I wish my garage looked like hers.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I watch her when I feel like my life is too crazy, then I feel much better!

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