Cooper and his gals!

We took Cooper to his first Spring Sing Show Thursday night. We told our adopted girls we'd come watch them. I have always loved Spring Sing, it might be stressful but seriously it's the best time. Some of my best memories are from Spring Sing. Like the time I started dating this guy...exactly 6 years ago today! Well long story short, I married him! Cooper isn't going to marry any of these girls, but maybe he'll find his true love through Spring Sing!

I'll always bleed blue for Theta Theta Theta....but today we'll say Go Go Go Gamma Rho! Can you tell how tired that boy is....he didn't make it til their show, he finally feel asleep, what I don't get is he stayed up for the entire basketball game we went to last night, go figure.

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Michelle said...

How adorable! Oh, and I'm sure Kate has a housekeeper, don't you think???

Happy number 1 Cooper!

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