The Sleeping Beauty

Maddie successfully completed a year at Lisa Webb's Academy of Ballet and Theatre Arts! It ended with a huge performance of The Sleeping recitals here, mega show! It was a beautiful show! I was so amazed at how sweet the older girls were to the little ones, bringing them gifts and stuff. They also were so prompt to get the girls to the stage and keeping them quiet during the entire 3rd Act.....where they sat in the wings the entire hour except when it was their turn on stage. We had ballet for about 2 hours every night the week prior and all day Friday for dress rehearsal. To be honest when it was over I kinda missed it! I loved all the moms, they were great. No over the top dance moms, just a fun group of gals! I've been honored to take photos at these ballets before, so I am thrilled the photographer this year got some good shots of Maddie! Now we are faced with the decision of to travel to Edmond next year or move her to the Tulsa ballet. It really is a struggle cause she loves ballet and Lisa, we want her to learn from the best! (Disclaimer: My dad had a part in the ballet, he did not change religions :-))
During the studio rehearsals the girls were in awe of the older ballerinas!

The show!

(This sweet boy said many prayers for Maddie's performance!)

Awesome Granddads vacuum before show day in the holding room! We had a great first ballet experience!

A new adventure!

The day we left for San Antonio Jeremy accepted a job at Porter High School! We waited until we got home to tell the kids. They all took it really well and are excited to move. I'm sure Kellyn and Drew don't really understand what is happening. We went on Monday (the 8th) to see houses and we met the team on Tuesday! We really feel like this was the path we were supposed to go down, everything fell into place fairly quickly! While we enjoyed many great times in Newkirk and made some amazing friend; it was time for us to move on. So next year we will be Porter Pirates!

Here is our house! While we moved all our stuff into the house we will actually get settled in Thursday!

So stayed tuned for updated pics of when we are settled in! (And don't worry more to come on June and July family events!)

Weekend Getaway!

My parents encouraged Jeremy and I to go down to San Antonio for my cousin Sam's wedding. So we decided the summer had been pretty busy and was about to get a little crazy, we went! My parents picked up Cooper from camp for us and we headed down Friday. Traffic was backed up from about Ft. Worth to Waco. We decided to stop in Austin to eat at Rachel Ray's favorite Mexican place there. Pavlov's did not disappoint!

We made it to our hotel a little after 9 and got to relax in the hot tub and watch some tv!

The next morning we did some shopping at a nearby outdoor mall, it was so nice!

Then we wrapped up the day at the wedding and dinner with the family at Aunt Sylvia's house! So it was a great weekend away!

Beginner Camp

Cooper was invited to Beginner Camp with MRCC this year. I'm so glad he wanted to go. I was a little worried about just dropping him off, but he made fast friends! From the pics I got from my friends there it looked like he had a blast!

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