The Sleeping Beauty

Maddie successfully completed a year at Lisa Webb's Academy of Ballet and Theatre Arts! It ended with a huge performance of The Sleeping recitals here, mega show! It was a beautiful show! I was so amazed at how sweet the older girls were to the little ones, bringing them gifts and stuff. They also were so prompt to get the girls to the stage and keeping them quiet during the entire 3rd Act.....where they sat in the wings the entire hour except when it was their turn on stage. We had ballet for about 2 hours every night the week prior and all day Friday for dress rehearsal. To be honest when it was over I kinda missed it! I loved all the moms, they were great. No over the top dance moms, just a fun group of gals! I've been honored to take photos at these ballets before, so I am thrilled the photographer this year got some good shots of Maddie! Now we are faced with the decision of to travel to Edmond next year or move her to the Tulsa ballet. It really is a struggle cause she loves ballet and Lisa, we want her to learn from the best! (Disclaimer: My dad had a part in the ballet, he did not change religions :-))
During the studio rehearsals the girls were in awe of the older ballerinas!

The show!

(This sweet boy said many prayers for Maddie's performance!)

Awesome Granddads vacuum before show day in the holding room! We had a great first ballet experience!

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