A Baby Story

We we are at home today and we thought that we would share our story of how Cooper finally made his appearence into this world! On Monday, still not being overly excited about having a scheduled induction on Friday I called my doctor's office to see if it got moved up. Well an hour later they called me back and told me I was going in that day. My mom and I started making last minute preparations and we waited for the hospital to call me to tell me when to come in. The hospital called at 2:15 and told me to be there at 3:00 for induction. So Jeremy came home and we went to the hospital. We checked in and we were all ready to start inducing when our nurse said she was waiting for a clean read. Another nurse came in and said they were going to call our doctor. Well they called the doctor and then then started to explain to us that everytime I had a contraction d cells were present, or Cooper's heart rate dropped. They thought it would be a cord problem so that happened about 4:45 and by 5:15 we were going in for surgery. The cord was wraped all around Coopers feet and it's a good thing we didn't wait til the end of the week or for me to have more contractions. Being over 40 weeks pregnant I thought now probably wasn't the time to start protesting a c-section when your little one just can't take it anymore. So since Monday little Cooper has had a lot of visitors and he's a good baby so far. He likes to eat a lot! Here are some more pictures of him, I'm sure just the start of many more to come!

He is here!

Cooper was born today at 5:45 pm. He weighs 5 lbs 12 oz and 20 in long. We are all doing fine. We are so glad he is here and heathly. He had a lot of visitors on his first night.

Good news and not so good news

Well here is an update because I know some people are waiting for one. First of all Santa Fe won their game tonight, so that is great and hopefully that will continue tomorrow! They are on the road to state.

On the Cooper watch....well 2 weeks ago I told my doctor that I did not want a leap year baby...yes this is a leap year and Friday is it. Well today when I called to check on my scheduled induction, apparently the best they can do is next Friday. This of course is hard to take when I didn't want a leap year baby, and my doctor told me last night he would do his best for Monday....so now we're really hoping Cooper will come on his own anytime before the 29th, in the mean time I am doing my best to adjust to the situation. I guess the best news is in no more then 7 days Cooper will be here....and I guess that is still better then 40 weeks away. So there is a chance we'll get in before and we are going to continue to pray for that, mostly that he will come on his own before any induction has to happen. So we'll keep everyone updated as we know any new info.

39 weeks

Well I don't have a picture to go with this post, but as you can tell from my tracker Cooper is only 2 days away from coming....well as I would tell you know don't hold your breath. I am currently waiting on a call from my doctor's office to find out if we will induce on Monday or Tuesday, hopefully Monday. The next thing is to pray that the induction works and I don't have to have surgery, but at this point anything to get him out healthy is completely fine by me. Ideally the medicine will being contractions and things will progress naturally. So it looks like I will attend some more basketball games this weekend without a baby and still pregnant and I will also attend church where everyone will say "you're still here..." the obvious answer is yes, I am still here with child. I can breath easy now because the light at the end of the tunnel is getting much brighter and that makes me happy. So hopefully tomorrow Santa Fe will beat Moore and Cooper can make is first appearence at the area tournament the next weekend if all goes well for me. We will continue to update to let everyone know what will happen, and I look about exactly the same as of last week when I took a picture, however I did lose 5 lbs....not so sure how that happened but it did!

38 weeks...

Well Cooper has still yet to make his debut into this world. I'm sure I'm the only pregnant woman in the world that prays for contractions....bring it on I'm ready! Well now Cooper will have his own birthday, or at least not anyone else in the family and the most encouraging news I got at the Doctor was "don't worry I won't let you go over 41 weeks." Enough about that, in other news Jeremy wraped up his sophomore basketball season this week with 2 more wins...which means every game they played his team won. In a turn of unfortunate events they did have to cancel their Monday game, so technically he would say it wasn't him that failed....if you get the picture. Oh sophomore boys! We had a very romantic Valentine's day that consisted of a basketball game and Jeremy not feeling very well. I however got a manicure and pedicure and took my second nice walk around Hafer Park. All in all it wasn't too bad. Santa Fe beat Mustang last night in a very exciting game, that is on KSBI if you would like to watch it around here and I better start getting ready to go to Chocotaw for the last regular season game. I will ride with some parents, because apparently that is a good plan for me in my current state. Well one more week to go until Cooper's actual due date, maybe in the next 7 days he'll come and I won't have to be induced. Have a good weekend!!

My outfit explains why I should probably get ready to go out in public, although I am posting this picture for everyone to see what I look like right now. In my defense I have been cleaning....

37 Weeks

Welcome to 37 weeks...can you say it is soo time to have a baby! We finished the nursery this week and bought all our last minute items we need. All of our bags are packed and the car seat bases are even in both cars ready to go. All we need is the baby!

Here I am at 37 weeks:

Here are two pictures of Cooper's room before we started the nursery:

And here is a slideshow of Cooper's nursery. Jeremy made the basketball goal himself, my mom Jeremy and I worked on the letters, and my mom painted the 4 custom basketball pictures so we could have just what we wanted. We think it turned out pretty good! Hope you and enjoy, maybe next week we'll be able to post actual pictures of the new little one!!!

Tag I'm it....

Well I've been reading a lot of tags and I got tag by my friend Katie, so I guess I'll play along. Share 5 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog or Share the 5 top places on your “want to see or want to see again” list.

5 Random Facts About me:
1. I didn't like pickles before I was pregnant, still don't like them now
2. I play the guitar...well I know how to
3. I used to think I was organized, but having a house, working, and being pregnant has shown me I'm not
4. Even though I have a ton of cookbooks, I still have trouble planning a week of meals.
5. I really do like going to watch my husband Coach basketball games 4 nights a week...sometimes even 5.
Top 5....or I want to see....
1. I want to go to Hawaii
2. I want to go to Brazil...and will most likely visit April there in the next 2 years
3. Vienna, Austria, I love that place!
4. Tivoli Gardens in Italy, so amazing
5. The Cinque Terre....my absolute favorite line of coastal towns anywhere

well since all the blogs I read have already been tagged...I won't tag anyone cause I don't know anyone to tag....have a good day. Only 19 days left....if we make it to that!

34-36 weeks catch up

Well the past few weeks have flown by, we've been so busy I haven't had time to update the blog. I can not believe we are only 22 days away from holding Cooper in our arms....hopefully it'll be sooner then that. Things are progressing so it could be anyday! We had two amazing showers a couple of weekends ago and now we're all set up for him to be here. There are a few more things that we have to pick up for him before he comes, but mostly we're all set! Here is a slideshow for you to enjoy about our showers. We're almost done with the room and I'll post pictures as soon as one more thing is finished for everyone to see!

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