39 weeks

Well I don't have a picture to go with this post, but as you can tell from my tracker Cooper is only 2 days away from coming....well as I would tell you know don't hold your breath. I am currently waiting on a call from my doctor's office to find out if we will induce on Monday or Tuesday, hopefully Monday. The next thing is to pray that the induction works and I don't have to have surgery, but at this point anything to get him out healthy is completely fine by me. Ideally the medicine will being contractions and things will progress naturally. So it looks like I will attend some more basketball games this weekend without a baby and still pregnant and I will also attend church where everyone will say "you're still here..." the obvious answer is yes, I am still here with child. I can breath easy now because the light at the end of the tunnel is getting much brighter and that makes me happy. So hopefully tomorrow Santa Fe will beat Moore and Cooper can make is first appearence at the area tournament the next weekend if all goes well for me. We will continue to update to let everyone know what will happen, and I look about exactly the same as of last week when I took a picture, however I did lose 5 lbs....not so sure how that happened but it did!


Bodofooko said...
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Ryan and Katie said...

Well at least you know it's only 5 days max!!

Abby said...

well yay! an update. i've been checking this blog every day, michelle... just waiting to hear news. so excited for you guys!


abby burt said...

as in abby copeland burt. that's who made that comment. i just realized that you know many abby's.

anyway... talk to you (and cooper!) sometime soon!

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