Good news and not so good news

Well here is an update because I know some people are waiting for one. First of all Santa Fe won their game tonight, so that is great and hopefully that will continue tomorrow! They are on the road to state.

On the Cooper watch....well 2 weeks ago I told my doctor that I did not want a leap year baby...yes this is a leap year and Friday is it. Well today when I called to check on my scheduled induction, apparently the best they can do is next Friday. This of course is hard to take when I didn't want a leap year baby, and my doctor told me last night he would do his best for now we're really hoping Cooper will come on his own anytime before the 29th, in the mean time I am doing my best to adjust to the situation. I guess the best news is in no more then 7 days Cooper will be here....and I guess that is still better then 40 weeks away. So there is a chance we'll get in before and we are going to continue to pray for that, mostly that he will come on his own before any induction has to happen. So we'll keep everyone updated as we know any new info.


Michael and Katie said...

We are hoping and praying that Cooper comes on his own soon! I've also been worried about a leap year baby. At first I thought it would be cool...but only every four years. Hope you are feeling ok and not too miserable. We'll be checking back often!

Emily said...

I know an older lady who has a leap year birthday and when she turned 64, she had a sweet 16 party. How funny is that? But I understand. And for what it's worth, I was induced twice and looooved it. I'm pretty sure Kendall would still be in there if we hadn't induced.

Ryan and Katie said...

We're praying for him to come on his own!!!

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