Week 8

Jeremy was gone all weekend so Cooper and I had some quality time together, I decided to take pictures of most of the things we did...so here is a slideshow for week 8, he's getting so much bigger.

Jeremy had a successful weekend in his alumni basketball game, his team won, and Cooper and I had a successful weekend as you can see just hanging out. Today I started back at work and I'm already looking forward to my weekend that start Thursday...I won't count the 2 days I will work from home, that's better then being away!

Viewing Pleasure

Here is the cutest picture from our picture session a few weeks ago, we got them back today. There are a ton of good ones so we'll have a lot of trouble deciding which ones to frame, or our house will turn into a museum of Cooper....he's getting so big, he looks so different now. But here's one for them memory books.....

7 weeks

Well today Cooper weighed 7 lbs 12 oz...rice cereal and 3 oz of formula do wonders. We had a busy week last week. The biggest news is I had training for 2 days for my new job...yes I will no longer be the Battery Queen...but I am now a landman, which is super cause I only have to work in the office 3 days a week, which means I can work from home and spend more time with Cooper. Cooper got to play one day with his grandma and one day with his great grandma, I think they held him the whole time and he slept. But I'm sure they loved every minute of it. On Friday Cooper and I went to lunch with Katie and Jeremy and I took Cooper to his first Northpark movie and he did great! He slept the whole entire time and was the perfect baby. His other grandma, Jeremy's mom and his aunt Angeleena came into town and spent the night with us. On Saturday after breakfast they went to Stillwater and Cooper and I made it for a jog the whole loop (I'm paying for that lack of stretching today...) then we went Prom dress shopping for Angeleena. We found her the perfect dress for her Senior prom and rushed home to get ready for our prom. Jeremy and I were sponsors at Theta banquet at Red Pin in Bricktown. I highly recommend this place to anyone. The food was great and the bowling is cool. Theta's theme was prom so they bowled in formals, which was fun. Cooper got to wear his suit again. To wrap the weekend up we went to church on Sunday and by the time we got to BK he was so worn out we didn't stay for long. He slept from about 10 last night until 6:20 this morning, tired puppy!Here are some awake pictures of him, so enjoy!

6 weeks

Due to some concrns about Cooper's growth rate we went to a pediatrition today. Everything ended up being fine, but Cooper had to get blood drawn at her office, they couldn't get enough so I had to take him to Mercy so they could draw it there. They did a better job and all the test came back normal. He's just a little boy, however he weighed 6 lbs 14 oz...so he's almost 7 lbs, which is probably about what he should've weighed at first if it weren't for the cord issues. Now he has to have some rice cereal in his formula to help him grow and catch up since he is in the whopping 3rd percentile. He'll be okay though! Today I had to work out a manual for The Battery Company and now I have to answer this horribly long questionaire for one of our clients, it's taking forever and ultimately very frustrating. I have to get it done by tomorrow, but at the rate Cooper is sleeping I'll have to wait til Jeremy gets home from work to finish. In other news our tv broke in our living room, so Jeremy, Cooper and I have been spending quality time in our room so we can watch TV. I have to give a shout out to my boys...go Memphis, if they win tonight then I will win the...well I won't win anything but I'll come in first place in our family bracket picks we do with Jeremy's family. Also Jeremy is looking for a new job, they are apparently downsizing the business department at Santa Fe and unfortunately he is the low one on the todem pole. There are a lot of openings so just pray that one of them will be right for Jeremy. Well I'll post some pictures of Cooper later this week, I'm trying to get some of him more awake, he makes the best faces these days. Well that's all for now, I'm off to work on the questionaire.

5 weeks

This blog is an ode to the day before Cooper where my house was clean, the laundry done, and the ironing all caught up...not really. I honsetly wouldn't trade Cooper for that day, compared with my days filled with holding him, feeding him, and just enough time to clean bottles to use at the next feeding and where brownies suffice just fine for lunch. I go back to work in 3 weeks, which isn't very long and I'm wondering how I am going to get anything done working, keeping up the housework, feeding times, cooking for us, and have any time left to do anything else??? I guess the Proverbs about the woman who rises early will very soon apply to me. Today I am making progress, it looks like I will get some photos out that I took on Easter to the family that I'm sure would like them, and I might get the house picked up just in time to feed Cooper again, then I will cross my fingers that I have time to go on a walk or jog since I can work out now. Really I missed working out and now that I can, I do not have time for it. Well here are some pictures. I received a comment about how I don't post pictures of Cooper awake, here is my answer to that:

This is how he looks while he isn't being held, I will say I let this continue for 10 minutes because he has to get used to not constantly being held, he is a spoiled child, but we just love him so much!

Here is his new friend Kash, giving him love...

Here Cooper is after he eats, such hard work:

And the last picture is of him during the Texas/Stanford game...asleep with his pacifier hanging out:

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