6 weeks

Due to some concrns about Cooper's growth rate we went to a pediatrition today. Everything ended up being fine, but Cooper had to get blood drawn at her office, they couldn't get enough so I had to take him to Mercy so they could draw it there. They did a better job and all the test came back normal. He's just a little boy, however he weighed 6 lbs 14 oz...so he's almost 7 lbs, which is probably about what he should've weighed at first if it weren't for the cord issues. Now he has to have some rice cereal in his formula to help him grow and catch up since he is in the whopping 3rd percentile. He'll be okay though! Today I had to work out a manual for The Battery Company and now I have to answer this horribly long questionaire for one of our clients, it's taking forever and ultimately very frustrating. I have to get it done by tomorrow, but at the rate Cooper is sleeping I'll have to wait til Jeremy gets home from work to finish. In other news our tv broke in our living room, so Jeremy, Cooper and I have been spending quality time in our room so we can watch TV. I have to give a shout out to my boys...go Memphis, if they win tonight then I will win the...well I won't win anything but I'll come in first place in our family bracket picks we do with Jeremy's family. Also Jeremy is looking for a new job, they are apparently downsizing the business department at Santa Fe and unfortunately he is the low one on the todem pole. There are a lot of openings so just pray that one of them will be right for Jeremy. Well I'll post some pictures of Cooper later this week, I'm trying to get some of him more awake, he makes the best faces these days. Well that's all for now, I'm off to work on the questionaire.

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Ryan and Katie said...

We'll be keeping you guys in our prayers while Jeremy is on the job hunt. Someday when Cooper is a 6' tall basketball player we can all look back and say "remember when he was sooo tiny" and he will roll his eyes and exasperatedly say "mooooom" :)

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