7 weeks

Well today Cooper weighed 7 lbs 12 oz...rice cereal and 3 oz of formula do wonders. We had a busy week last week. The biggest news is I had training for 2 days for my new job...yes I will no longer be the Battery Queen...but I am now a landman, which is super cause I only have to work in the office 3 days a week, which means I can work from home and spend more time with Cooper. Cooper got to play one day with his grandma and one day with his great grandma, I think they held him the whole time and he slept. But I'm sure they loved every minute of it. On Friday Cooper and I went to lunch with Katie and Jeremy and I took Cooper to his first Northpark movie and he did great! He slept the whole entire time and was the perfect baby. His other grandma, Jeremy's mom and his aunt Angeleena came into town and spent the night with us. On Saturday after breakfast they went to Stillwater and Cooper and I made it for a jog the whole loop (I'm paying for that lack of stretching today...) then we went Prom dress shopping for Angeleena. We found her the perfect dress for her Senior prom and rushed home to get ready for our prom. Jeremy and I were sponsors at Theta banquet at Red Pin in Bricktown. I highly recommend this place to anyone. The food was great and the bowling is cool. Theta's theme was prom so they bowled in formals, which was fun. Cooper got to wear his suit again. To wrap the weekend up we went to church on Sunday and by the time we got to BK he was so worn out we didn't stay for long. He slept from about 10 last night until 6:20 this morning, tired puppy!Here are some awake pictures of him, so enjoy!

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Amy said...

Wow, I guess cereal was just what the doctor ordered! So glad he is gaining weight! Aren't you loving mommy-hood??

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