Merry Christmas

A full report will be coming soon, but here is the best we could do for a card this year! I hope you and your family are having a happy merry day!


We had a mostly positive experience with Santa. Kellyn was fine, although I think she thought we were crazy. Maddie was just super shy and kept putting her face into Santa....and Cooper cried cause he'd already seen Santa at school and didn't need to see him again. But it's in the books.....this was the best pic, with Santa looking at the camera. (My favorite one of the kids Santa wasn't looking)


We've been super busy and are looking forward to Christmas break! Blurb was having a sale so I made our 2008 album! I can't wait to get it; it was 83 pages! So much fun to see Cooper as a baby!
So here are a few pics of what's going on around here!

Basketball games....lots of them!

The kids have been playing "ship" in Kellyns bath tub.

We got and decorated our tree. We also attempted a family pic for Christmas turned out okay, not the amazing picture of all of us I had envisioned.

I've been trying to get a little exercise in to loose some unwanted lbs!

And she is going so fast until she just collapses.....hope everyone is having a good holiday season! Christmas is just around the corner!


So I am in the process of turning my blog into books! I started with 2007. I am using blurb, and I love it. I think blogging might be the best thing I do for our family. I'm going to do it by years, so here is to starting's full of blogs so it'll take a while. I mentioned to a friend I have often thought about stopping the blog, but I got my book and now I don't ever want to stop! This is blog is going to provide us with great family yearbooks!

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