Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving break....Jeremy got to play cards with his friends, I squeezed in 2 photoshoots and a trip to the doctor, and we saw our first movie all before Thursday. I guess you can call that a break?
Thursday we ate lunch with Jeremy's family in Texas and came back to Mama Jo's for Thanksgiving #2 and our annual gingerbread house decorating contest. (Which is the only thing I took pictures of) When my mom got them out all the little kids, being Cooper (3) Jackson (2) and Maddie (1) all sat at the table and were ready to start. Which is really what we needed a picture of, I was too busy holding my sweet neice Charlie. Maddie was so funny, my dad helped her decorate, as in he did the icing and she put everything else on. She was very serious about it, we all got a good laugh.

Friday we enjoyed some shopping and really all the places weren't too crowded. We didn't brave any crowds early morning hours, thought about it, but I was so tired it didn't happen. Jeremy and I even made a trip to the new outlet mall, it wasn't crazy busy. Then we finished the time in Edmond off by seeing Breaking Dawn at the Warren, in the Balcony, where they have the best cheese fries! After a Gelato treat, it was the perfect day.

To cap off the weekend I made 8 lbs of pasta, 5 lbs of meatballs, 5 lbs. of meat sauce, 2 salads, and 4 loaves of garlic bread for the Season Kickoff Spaghetti dinner for the basketball team last night. Because I'm crazy, and this will most likely be the only time I actually host the team I decided I'd do ice cream cake rolls for dessert. 17 showed out of 25, and really there wasn't a ton of left overs, these boys can put it away, and if they all showed, I don't think I'd have any. So if you don't hear from me til after March, it's because JV starts today, Varsity starts tomorrow and basically we have 4 games a week hopefully all the way up to March 10th.....then there is the whole baby thing happening. Time is going to fly by!

Reunited......and it feels so good!

You could say there are good and bad things about moving around. It's great meeting people where ever you go, but it is always sad and hard to say goodbye. It is no secret that I love all the people at Kiowa Church of Christ. They made my first transition as a head coach's wife so easy and fun, when the job wasn't always fun. We all miss them dearly. But, it's great because occassionally we will get to see them again. We saw a few at Homecoming and since OC had a game in Alva, "Nana" who's actual grand daughter plays for OC was going to go to her game. She brought a couple of girls along for the ride and they made a pit stop at our house yesterday afternoon. My kids were so excited to see them, and so sad when they left. I got to enjoy some adult conversation with Nana (Nana was Cooper and Maddie's "grandma" for all purposes at Kiowa) and the kids got some lovin' and playing with Lily and Callie. Everyone had a good time!
If I could steal Callie from her parents I would; my kids do everything she tells them to do, I don't know how she does it, maybe I need lessons for her.

And I made this for them while they were here. Go make this won't regret it, it's rich and amazing and everything a pumpkin pie should be!

(Pic from Tasty Kitchen website, I didn't serve mine with ice cream, but it would be good with some, or whip cream!)


Yes I know, I'm like a month late, but just to document the event, we did dress the kids up for Halloween. My mom came for the day, ate lunch with us, hung out, and went trick-or-treating with us. Our plan was to take Cooper to one of Jeremy's fellow teacher's house, but he was so into it, they had to go to more houses. So months ago, he decided he wanted to be an owl for Halloween, a brown owl. So I looked online and he picked out this little costume that didn't look too hard to make. With the help of my parents we pulled off a brown owl for Cooper and a pink owl for Maddie. (I really wanted Maddie to be this pink pig that I found, the costume was so incredibly cute, her father did not think that was a good idea.) The pics aren't great, but they were a little wound up that day. I thought about trying to take some more pics, but who am I kidding, working, cleaning, cooking, 3rd baby, yeah I'm pretty much spent!

Busy bees

I know it's been a while since a blog, but things have been crazy busy since we returned from our vacation. For those that don't know, I'm a "work at home mom" meaning I do have a "part time" job I do from home. My brokerage has a ton of work so I've been squeezing in more work then I used to. Good job security! Last weekend we did make a trip to Edmond where we watched Jeremy's first scrimmage at Mt. Saint Mary's, went to my mom's clinic, I went to a friend's surgery Friday AM (she is doing awesome now if you're wondering), ran errands, had a engagement shoot, enjoyed dinner with some friends, prepped for my cousins
Baby shower, ran the kids to the
First half of the OC girls ball game to see our friends from Kiowa, hosted shower #1, attended a fun wedding for a long time friend, went to Church, hosted shower #2 for sis in laws brother, ran to shower #3 during shower #2, took the kids to visit said friend who had surgery, then finally drove home. Yes, I told Jeremy I didn't want to be that busy for a long time! The only pics I have to show for it are these beauties....

Push Up Cake cute
Are they? And if I ever can figure out how to steal a frame off this IPhone video I'll post a picture of the kids from Halloween!

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